Standard (Browbird Subtype)

Hiros / Half-Hiros (Browbird Subtype)

Hiros browbirds are only available to you if your MYO slot or custom allows for a hiros!

You can also change your browbird into a hiros or half-hiros browbird by using a Hylos Relic.

Hiros are browbirds have distant heritiage ties to the Hylos, a mysterious race of angelic space beings. This caused a small group of browbirds to split off and eventually develop wings in ancient times. In the Celestial Seas universe, hiros are thought of as especially mysterious and magical, and given that they are extremely rare it only causes others to be more curious about these winged people.

Hiros come from a flying city by the name of Throne. The city soars above the clouds of the browbird homeworld guarded by an ancient skylord named Pavellon, and it is the last remaining hiros sky fortress following the Void Wars. Nearly all hiros were born there or have ties to that place, but it's not unheard of to find one on some distant star who never knew of the city's existence. Those who are born far away from the city may make it their quest to journey there one day.

Pairs between hiros browbirds venturing out from their home city and standard browbirds from the worlds below are actually fairly common and acceptable in hiros society. Some of these unions even result in a half-hiros, a special hybrid who often will be born with small wings, or non at all! Hiros accept half-hiros without question, and they are welcomed into the flying fortress. Though they still hold a strong distrust for any non-hiros outsiders and rarely will let them into the city.

Hiros, overall, have a distinct culture, religion, and beliefs that is different from those you may see on the surface of the browbird homeworld. They often have more family-like care structures for browlets where browlets are allowed free roam and are looked after by everyone in the city. Hiros also often form smaller tight-nit groups of 2-3 birds rather than larger flocks or complex relationship webs like non-hiros browbirds do. They are more open to many types of magic, including the more dangerous types (like death and chaos) and are more accepting of risky magical experimentation. They also do not mind halvs and revenants and do not hold any fears towards them, curiosity would often be their first thought rather than fear or worry.

Hiros or Half-Hiros Requirements

✅ Hiros must have medium to large feathered wings placed on the browbird's back
✅ Half Hiros can have smaller, flightless wings
✅ Hiros or Half-hiros can be wingless but they will need at least 1 other hiros exclusive trait visible on the design
✅ Hiros and Half Hiros should have 3 aspect slots. They do not all need to be filled!

Free Traits

✅ All common hiros traits can be applied for free when creating a new hiros or half hiros browbird or transforming a character into a hiros.
✅ If you would like to add on or switch to a common hiros trait on an exisiting hiros design, you can do so using an Appearance Change.

Other Information:

✅ The hiros type can be applied to revenants, halvs, and ancients
✅ Hiros-exclusive traits are available IN ADDITION to regular browbird traits, you may still use all regular browbird traits on a hiros.
✅ If you use a rare trait on  a hiros you can choose a standard rare trait OR hiros rare trait!
✅ If you have a regular trait with rarity, you can swap it to the hiros version of that rarity using an  Appearance Change. Such as swapping uncommon horns for hiros uncommon Winged Horns.
✅ You can swap between hiros and half-hiros features using the Appearance Change.
❌ Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic hiros traits cannot be added for free and will require access to the trait AND for the browbird to be a hiros or half hiros.
❌ The back wings cannot be removed to be applied to another part of the design

Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!

Short  Feather Tail (Common) - Adds a feathered bird tail or tail feathers. Should be kept short!
Small Tail Wings (Common) - Adds 1 set of tiny wings to the tail
Wing Spike (Common) - Adds a small spike or thumb to the wing

Long Feather Tail (Uncommon) - Adds a long feathered tail, peacock tail, or long tail feathers
Winged Crest (Uncommon) - Adds up to 2 wings anywhere on the crest
Trailing Wing Feathers - Adds long trailing feathers anywhere on the wings (Like a winged nightjar)
Tail Wings (Uncommon) - Adds small-moderate sized wings to the tail. Can be added to uncommon and above tails for free.


Body Wings (Rare) - Adds 1 set of wings to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, hips, chest, or feet
Skylord Wings (Rare) - Adds a second set of wings below the first
Empyrean Crest (Rare) - Adds lots of small wings anywhere on the crest


Hylos Blessing (Mythic) - Allows the character to have up to 3 sets of wings by default, or up to 4 max if you also have skylord wings.

Ancient (Browbird Subtype)

Ancient browbirds are only available through auctions. An item to transform characters into ancients is planned but not yet available.

Ancients are browbirds with extended lifespans who have mastered one or more aspects after achieiving some sort of enlightenment in this life or a past life. They are often highly respected members of browbird society who often find themselves in positions of leadership or importance. The concept of royalty is rarer in most facets of browbird society, so an ancient would be the closest thing comparable to a royal in most places. Their magical potential and inherited wisdom often makes them perfect candidates to take on big responsabilities! However, not all will fit into, or even be interested in, such roles! 

Being born as an ancient is up to complete chance, there is no possible way to predict who will be an ancient and having ancient parents doesn't increase the chances. It could be anyone, at any point, although the chances are one in a million. Those born as an ancient are often given a more rigerous education and stricter magical training in order to ensure the chances of them using their strength for nefarious purposes are low. Those born as ancients are said to have become one in a past life, thus when being born they inherited an ancient's soul and the vague whispers of the past's wisdom that come with it.

Not being born an ancient doesn't negate all chances of becoming one though. Any browbird can obtain aspect mastery through rigorous training and following a destined path set out for them. It often takes many long years of dedication and training to achieve ancienthood. 

Ancient Requirements

✅ An ancient must have at least 1 aspect mastery trait that matches one of their aspects
✅ An ancient must have 4 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 4 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 4.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "ancient" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free ancient trait on an existing ancient please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:


Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!

Phoenix Tail (Ancient) - Super long detailed tails resembling legendary creatures
Aspect Emblem Crest (Ancient) 
Aspect Weapon (Ancient) - The character can summon/wield a weapon largely consisting of their aspect

Aspect Mastery:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!
Not all aspects have mastery applications.

Aspect Mastery: Spirit - Affects hair and fur by replacing parts of it with their aspect
Aspect Mastery: Being - Affects parts of the body, such as the arm, leg, wing, or tail , by replacing them with an aspect
Aspect Mastery: Cycle - Affects the horns and eyes by replacing them with an aspect

Mastery trait application examples:
Counts as 1 trait --> Using multiple effects of the same mastery branch AND same aspect
Counts as multiple traits --> Using multiple effects of the same mastery branch but different aspects
Counts as multiple traits --> Using different mastery branches, even if they are the same aspect

Revenant (Browbird Subtype)

Revenant browbirds are only available through auctions. An item to transform characters into revenants is planned but not yet available.

Revenants are powerful heroes and warriors who died in battle or through some tragedy that were then resurrected and given a new soul. They now live a nearly immortal "life", frozen in a state of decay.

Undeath exists in many species, often caused by spells cast by death aspect wielders. However, bringing someone back in such a way where they aren't just a mindless zombie is something reserved only for death ancients. Those who master the death aspect can allowing trap souls through magical means as the most advanced form of necromancy. The process results in the revenant losing most memories of their life. In modern times using death magic for this purpose is frowned upon, as in the past there were many who abused the power by resurrecting others for selfish reasons without concern for how the revenant would feel. Regardless, there are still a scattered few out there who still create revenants. 

The revenant type, to some, has been considered something like an urban legend due to how rarely they're seen in their true forms in crowded areas. Revenants themselves will often employ whatever means they can to conceal their undead nature form the general public as to not spark fear and ire from the common folk. The fear likely stems from revenants of the long past who had used their strength to spread destruction through the astral oceans at the command of those who created them. There was even a time where many revenants were raised in order to fight in a massive was across the stars against the palatine organization and browbird civilization, unknowingly fighting against their former allies. As revenants regenerate from most injuries and have an endless lifespan, some revenants who took part in that war would still be alive today. Many of these survivors live at the distant edges of society trying to atone for what they had done.

Those resurrected as a revenant are often without any memory of who they previously were, leading some to go on a quest to retrace their past. While others will simply seek out a way to truly end their existence without any regard for the past. There are also revenants who go on living their new life without a care, happy to be given a second chance.

While any species in the Celestial Seas can be raised as an undead being, Revenant is the specific name the browbird liches and powerful undead are called. This category would, in fact, include true vampires.

Revenant Requirements

✅ A revenant must have at least 1 revenant trait
✅ A revenant should have a clear death wound or backstory indicating how they died
✅ A revenant must have 4 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 4 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 4.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "revenant" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free revenant trait on an existing revenant please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:


Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!


Bone Tail (Revenant) - The tail can be partial or full bone. Any tail style. Can be long!
Shattered (Revenant) - Allows parts of the body, horns, tail, ect to float separately from the design!
Exposed Bone (Revenant) - Allows any part of the body/face to have exposed bone areas
Unmending (Revenant) - Unhealing injury, such as sword sticking through them, permanently bleeding eyes, or giant holes in their form.

Living Form

Revenants can optionally have a living form designed. This form will sometimes have a different but similar crest, standard/smaller/unbroken versions of their traits, and can have a different palette. It can be considered a disguise sustained by magic or how they looked before becoming a revenant. 

Halv (Browbird Subtype)

Halv browbirds are only available through auctions. An item to transform characters into a halv is planned but not yet available.

Halvs are reclusive browbirds that have been directly exposed to the horrific energy of the abyssal void. The pure voidal magic has caused their body to take on a curse of the soul, and the severity of the curse depends on how long they were exposed. Part of their soul has now been permanently been claimed by the void.

They have the unfortunate burden of being able to hear the distant whispers of the void deity, Steve. He is an ever present mummer in the back of their mind, always making suggestions to cause destruction and chaos; to act on your worst impulses and darkest desires. If one were to lean into Steve's suggestions and listen to him, he would only grow louder until the halv is lose to his command completely, and fully turns into a demonic beast. ​

Halvs are not inherently evil though, usually they were just people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were enthusiastic void researchers or wizards who went too far in their work. The halv curse can never be fully lifted, but it is possible to treat it to lessen it's negative effects and still continue living an almost normal lifestyle.

Halv Requirements

✅ A halv must have a mask. You can have the character wearing it or include a reference of it on the side.
✅ A halv should have at least 1 halv trait OR have a monsterous form with at least 1 halv trait.
✅ A halv must have 4 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 4 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 4.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "halv" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free halv trait on an existing halv please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:


Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!


Insect Tail (Halv) - A tail that resembles a centipede, scorpion, grub, ect! 
Chain Tail (Halv) - A strange tail made of chaining shapes
Extra Limbs (Halv) - Adds an extra set of arms up to 8 total
Extra Eyes (Halv) - Adds extra functioning eyes anywhere on the design.
Extra Mouth (Halv) - Adds a maw somewhere on the design such as the chest, tail, or hands
Beast Claws (Halvs) - Allows the arms/hands to be large with big claws


Monsterous Form

In late stages of the halv curse the browbird will be able to take on a second, distorted form that loosely resembles who they used to be. This form can be larger and stronger, or more lanky and elongated. They often have more exaggerated features, longer claws and fangs, a hunched posture, and so on. This form change can be brought on at will, or through certain triggers. 

This form should still resemble a browbird in terms of face and body structure!

The monsterous form can have the following

  • Different palette from their original form
  • Different traits -- the change from 1 trait to the other should make sense, such as horns getting longer but remaining a similar sharp!
  • Different crest
  • Changing aspects if the change makes sense for their story! Such as dreams becoming nightmares. 

Astrean (Browbird Subtype)

Astreans, also know as "the dragons of the sea", are a species that is a close relative to browbirds, the two are a branching species that evolved alongside each other.

They are a semi-aquatic race that lived beneath the waves in large underwater castles made of glass and gold that are often referred to as "cathedrals" or "temples". These cities are located in the deepest, farthest reaches of the sea and most of them have been left to fall to ruins. There are a small few preserved Astrean cities, but these places have been sealed away with old magic that modern research has only just begun to crack.

Astreans were an extremely advanced society with magical advancements that far surpassed modern magical tech. There are countless astrean devices that are still not understood, and more are being discovered with each temple that has been revealed. The most well known discovery of astreans is that they had discovered a way to observe information in all layers of reality without the use of an individual with starsight or connections to the void. They build huge structures at the center of their cathedrals that they called observatories. With this, they could peer into the seas of time and beyond to gather and transcribe knowledge beyond mortal limits.

One day, nearly 4000 years ago, the entire species had vanished from the world without leaving any hints to where they had gone. The only evidence left behind are the symbols and charts that cover the ceilings of their observatories, though they have yet to be deciphered. A small few astreans had stayed behind, but due to their limited lifespans they had sealed themselves away within crystals in a state of stasis. At the center of each temple now waits a dormant astrean, awaiting their chosen date that they will awaken.

These astreans are generally very secretive and reclusive, due to being unfamiliar with much of the new world. However, they are naturally curious and excited to learn how things have changed in all these years! If asked about what had happened to the rest of their species though, this is something they will never reveal. 
✦ Info:
✅ Can be applied to an existing character with the Stone of the Sea.
✅ Can be applied to half-hiros, hiros, ancient, revenant, halv, and reverie
This type replaces the standard type.
To be an astrean, your character must have these features
  • At least one trait from the free traits list
  • Webbed feet
  • Astrean Wings, these can be large or small dragon-like wings hidden at will
  • A Total of 5 Aspect Slots, extra slots are granted automatically if character does not have 5.
Free Traits:
These traits can be added to the design for free upon transforming into an Astrean.
An astrean requires at least one of these traits to be added.
When making design edits to an existing astrean these can be added on with the use of an appearance change ticket. 
  • Fins - Can be applied anywhere on the body, head, or tail
  • Webbed hands
  • Scales - Can go over the usual 50% body coverage
  • Talonscale - Same as standard version of the trait
  • Fin ears - Should remain close to usual ear size
  • Gills - 2+ gill sets on the sides of the character's body and/or neck. Can be regular or frilly.
  • Free tail change to any common tail if your design currently has a common tail
Regular Astrean Traits:
The following are additional astrean traits.
2 of these traits can be added to free when creating an astrean but once the astrean is created they must be added normally.
More traits from this list can be added through [ITEM TBA].
  • Rare tail - Lets you have up to a rare length tail if the design does not currently have one
  • Belly Plate Scales - Scales that cover the front of the design/underside of tail
  • Scale Plating - Ornate raised scales
  • Jellyfish Tendril - Long jellyfish-like flowy bits from the head, body, tail, ect!
  • Fin Hair - Hair replaced entirely with fins
  • Tentacles - Can grow from the head, tail, body, can replace hair or tail
  • Sea Veil - Very long gown-like fins from the body or tail base

This type is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this type due to lack of up to date reference material.
Please ask questions and send designs in for review if you are unsure of anything! 

Reverie (Browbird Subtype)

Feyblood (Painted Satyr Subtype)

Feyblood painted satyr are only available through auctions. An item to transform characters into a feyblood is planned but not yet available.

Feyblood is a special type of satyr that occurs when a painted satyr directly descends directly from an archfey, or a lesser diety of nature or magic. These traits can also be granted through special blessings, curses, or bestowed onto themselves through magical means or by powerful beings that watch over them. 

There are different types of feybloods, often divided into three categories. Elemental, Fairy, and Hollow each with their own specialized origins. There are also many who have mixes between these features, marking them as hybrid fey.

The fairies are very whimsical and take on sacred duties to keep order, protect the natural world, and honor the five satyr spirits. Some painted satyr queens and leaders are fairy satyr, striking awe and wonder in those they lead with their shimmering wings and control over the forests. 

The elemental are a balance between fairy and hollow, and thus they keep balance in the natural world and embody both order and chaos. These satyrs can be raging fires and firce windstorms, but also calm water and dappled sunbeams. 

Hollow feybloods are referred to as such due to the curse placed on them gradually rotting them from within and causing a variety of odd features to afflict their form. These satyr serve the forces of chaos, or had a curse or dark blessing placed on them by a more dubiously aligned entity.  They are not necessarily evil by default, however! 

Feyblood Requirements

✅ A feyblood must have at least 1 feyblood trait
✅ A feyblood must have 3 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 3 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 3.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "feyblood" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free feyblood trait on an existing feyblood please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:

✅ You are not restricted to one type of feyblood! You will be able to have traits from all three types.

Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!


Elemental (Feyblood) - Adds an elemental effect relating to one of their aspects
Fey Halo - (Feyblood) - Adds a halo above or behind their head, often relating to their aspect or flora
Fey Wings (Feyblood) - Adds butterfly, moth, dragonfly, or fairy wings to the character's back. 
Mothheart (Feyblood) - Replaces hair with insect wings and allows insect wings to grow from places on the body and for the character to have trails of insects following them/living on them. 
Arachnid (Feyblood) - Allows multiple eyes, limbs, or mouths on the body
Split Being (Feyblood) - Splits the character into a light/dark half. Or dream/nightmare. Life/death. Ect! Can take the form of two heads or twin designs. 
Decay (Feyblood) - Allows rot, exposed bone, and unmending injuries on the body. 
Overgrowth (Feyblood) - Branches grow from anywhere on the body

Glade Form

Feyblood painted satyr can take on four-legged centaur forms called glade form. This is optional and not all feybloods have this trait! They can freely change between their normal form and glade form.

Standard (Kitbull Subtype)

Longbull (Kitbull Subtype)

Trubull (Kitbull Subtype)

??? (Browbird Subtype)

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