🌿 Stag (Grove)

Category: Additional Traits
Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 Can be added to any painted satyr by using the Stag's Antler item.

★ When editing a character with this trait:
✦ If the trait was applied using the item it cannot be swapped to another trait, it can only be edited to a different variant within the same trait (ex: changing the look of stag's mark) or removed. 
✦ If the design was created with this trait without use of an item it can be swapped to a different trait from the stag list using an Appearance Change.

★ Info
✦ Does NOT require the painted satyr to complete the grove quest.
✦ Does NOT require stag form.
✦ One trait from the following list can be added per use of the item, to apply multiple stag traits it requires multiple copies of the item.

★ Stag's Branches

Rather than the usual branched antlers the horns, tail, or other body branches take on an style with a flattened wide shape akin to that of a moose and/or a ridged, twisted appearance. 

Size: Follows the design's existing horn rarity
✅  Application can be asymmetrical
✅ Application can be added to as many branch areas as you want
✅ When applying to different areas it does not have to be the same in each area, ie: applying the moose-like look to the horns but the twist look to the tail.
❌ This trait does not replace the horns, it modifies how they grow
❌ Branch count and size should still be in line with the current horn rarity

★ Stag's Tail

Changes the painted saty'rs tail to be a cascading wave of long hair-like fur.

Size: Follows the design's existing tail rarity
✅ Can be applied to one or multiple tails if the satyr has more than 1 tail
✅ Can be styled, braided, ect
✅ Can be any texture
✅ Flora can be applied to the tail
❌ Does not overwrite the tail's length rarity, length should still be in line with satyr's current tail rarity
❌ Cannot have branches
❌ Cannot be prehensile

★ Stag's Mark

A floating mark of energy manifests between or around the horns of the painted satyr, signifying their connection to the magic flowing through the Celestial Seas. 

Size: Should remain close to examples
✅ Mark should glow
✅ Can be any color, including dark colors, but must have at least 1 glowing area on it, even if it is just the outline.
❌ One use of the trait only applies one mark (similar to examples below), to have multiple marks you must use the trait multiple times. Can be applied up to 3 seperate times, each application can add a different mark.
❌ Should at least roughly resemble the examples and be clearly space/celestial themed in some way such as resembling a moon, stars, or sun. The mark can have small, simple particles around it.
❌ Cannot intersect or merge with other traits

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