⚡Sun's Gift

⚡Sun's Gift (Special)

🌈 Can only be applied using Gift of the Sun. This trait cannot be added without using the item.

Species: Browbird, Painted Satyr, Kitbull
Adds a halo themed around eclipse imagery around the character's neck.
Size: Trait should not extend far past the shoulder area. Maximum size is shown in the example.

✅ You are able to combine multiple features from the given examples as long as the core rune/sun concept remains.
✅ Can optionally give off a faint glow
✅ Can be any light-color hue

❌Cannot be placed anywhere but around the neck.
❌Cannot merge or intersect with other traits.
❌ This trait cannot be applied multiple times to the same character.
❌ The light/dark placement must remain similar to the examples below.

Gift Of The Sun by Browbird

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