⚡ Vine Flora

⚡ Vine Flora (Uncommon)

Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 Can be applied using an Uncommon Trait Potion.

Trait: Adds vines that naturally grow on the painted satyr.
Size: Satyr's flora can cover up to roughly 50% of the design, this includes all flora types combined. The maximum length of the vines can be up to the length of the satyr's body.

✅ Can grow from the body, hair, tail, and horns.
✅ Can be any color and any shape, real or fantasy.
✅ Does not require leaves by default and can be naked vines. This trait can have certain other flora types added to it. Leaf flora is the default available, but if you also have the flower flora or fruit flora trait they can grow from the vines as well. Briarthorn allows the vines to have thorns!

❌ Cannot grow from the body patches, mask, eyes, or mouth by default
❌ This trait does not replace fur or hair and should be clearly separate plants growing on the character

Vine Flora by Browbird

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