⚡ Vine Flora

⚡ Vine Flora (Uncommon)

Species: Painted Satyr

🌈 Can be applied using an Uncommon Trait Potion.

Trait: Adds vines that naturally grow on the painted satyr.
Size: Vines can be up to 1x body length long individually. Vines can be placed on up to 25% of the design and can wrap around/cover small areas.

✅ Can grow from the mask, body, hair, tail, horns, and patch areas
✅ Can be any color and any have strait, wavy, and twisting shapes
✅ This trait can have certain other traits applied to it. Leaf flora, flower flora, mushroom flora, and fruit flora can grow from vines. Briarthorn allows the vines to have thorns!

❌ Cannot grow from the eyes, inner ear, or mouth. If placed on the mask it cannot totally cover the mouth or both eyes. If covering one eye it is plants growing over the eye, rather than growing from the eye.
❌ This trait does not replace fur or hair and should be clearly separate plants growing on the character. Does not 'meld' into the mask if placed on the face.
❌ Can't completely wrap around/obscure traits or features in masterlist art (ex: wrapping an arm entirely in vines to give the illusion it is made of plants)

Vine Flora by Browbird

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