INFO - Community Discord

Created: 10 October 2020, 12:46:16 EDT
Last updated: 14 June 2023, 22:34:33 EDT

We have a discord chat for members of the community can hang out in. It's the fastest way to get feedback on designs before submitting them, have questions answered, and to make suggestions towards the species. Chat with other members, discuss OCs and art, and participate in the occasional game or raffle!

While you are not required to join, we do recommend joining up to keep up with more minor updates!

Click here to join the discord!


Sparkle by Browbird Discord Chat Rules

By joining the discord server, it is assumed that you have read and understand all of these rules!

 Be polite and respectful to the admins, mods, and all other members. 

 Do not spam the chat.

★ Please keep everything pg-13, NO NUDITY, FETISH, OR NSFW in art, profile pictures, statuses, or discussions. There will be members who are under 18 and users who are uncomfortable with this type of content and ALL members are responsible for behaving appropriately.

Or goal is to have a fun and welcoming community to all members. This being the case, we ask that you do not post anything akin to hate speech, or otherwise homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist, antisemitic content, any slurs/offensive terms, or otherwise rude messages or links. 

Do not advertise other events, streams, groups, contests, or commissions unless they are Celestial Seas related or approved by staff. If you want to advertise anything unrelated to Celestial Seas, you may only do so in the advertisements channel once reaching level 5

Do not pressure, guilt, or harass other users for money, characters, or items. 

 Do not post negative remarks in regards to the characters, art, designs, ideas of other users.

Do not talk negatively of other groups or other species or discuss  adoptable/closed species community "drama".

Do your best to keep discussions lighthearted, fun, and inclusive to other users! While some more serious topics may come up, it is good to avoid heavy negativity, self deprecating, guilting, or venting! Death and illness, depression, politics, bad school or work experiences are all heavy topics that should not be brought up in detail in the chat. This discord is not the place to go if you need to vent to someone or talk about difficult topics, please seek out someone you trust to speak with in private.

Cursing is fine, but some words may be removed for the overall comfort of users. Posts containing flagged words will be removed. We do not penalize users for slipping up, it happens! 

 Use your best judgement when interacting with others, and be respectful of other users' boundaries.

 If the chat ever becomes too much for you, it is fine to leave! You aren't required to stay, and may come and go as you please. There's never any hard feelings towards those who decide to step out!

★  If anyone in the chat is making you uncomfortable directly in our discord or via DMs please contact staff. 

Be sure to read the pinned messages in each chat!



Sparkle by Browbird Channels

The discord has all sorts of channels to encourage different types of discussion! We have places for general chatting, a channel for video games, art,  general closed species, and several dedicated specifically to Celestial Seas characters, quests, and lore!  
When first joining consider posting in the welcome chat to introduce yourself, and then feel free to hop in and start chatting anywhere you'd like.



Sparkle by Browbird Prizes

Posting in the discord allows you to slowly work to long term goals that reward you with items and stargold. These will take a while to earn so consider them more like passive bonuses to being in the discord chat!




 Misc Info  +  Chat FAQ

★ Why can't I post in the advertisement channel?
You must reach level 5 in chat before you can post advertisements. Please remember that we are not an advertisement server and if you only use our server to post ads you will be barred from posting in the ads channel.

★ How do I level up?
You can level up by posting in chat regularly and interacting with other users. Spamming does not allow you to level faster.

★ My message suddenly vanished!
Our moderation bot will sometimes remove messages that it reads as spam or containing a banned word. Mods will also sometimes delete messages if we feel it is breaking a rule. We will sometimes notify of this in chat or on the side, but if your message is removed without warning please feel free to inquire about it.

★ Another user is making me uncomfortable or could be harmful to the community!
Please contact staff. We take these types of claims very seriously.

★ Will you add a vent channel?
We will not be adding a vent channel as we feel it will make the server atmosphere more negative.

★ I have a suggestion about what to add to the server!

Feel free to let us know! No promises on if it will be added but we take every suggestion into consideration. Please refrain from suggesting extremely specific channels (such as one just for pokemon).