⚡Bifold Eyes

⚡Bifold Eyes (★Rare)

Category: Additional Traits
❗ This is an LIMITED TRAIT. It can only be applied with its specific item.


Trait: Adds a second pupil/iris to the eyes
Size: Only affects eyes

✅ Iris can be connected or separate
✅ Can be paired with any other eye traits and eye types as long as they have a pupil and/or iris.
✅ PUPIL and COLOR can be swapped between the two irises and both eyes as long as they are consistent with each other. This is considered the common "reversal" eye trait and does not need mismatched eyes. See below for examples!
✅ To have the bifold look differently in both eyes OR have it only affect 1 eye you may combine it with mismatched eyes.
✅ Can extend to any additional eyes on the body

❌ Does not add 2 pupils to the same iris, must be separate
❌ Does not add extra eyes
❌ Does not affect blank eyes


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