Halv (Browbird Subtype)

This subtype is a WIP! Please be aware that designs submitted for edits or approval are subject to longer review times and are more likely to be rejected if they use this subtype due to lack of up to date reference material.

Subtype traits and trait availability may change in the future.

The item to convert to this subtype is currently raffle-only!

Halvs are reclusive browbirds that have been directly exposed to the horrific energy of the abyssal void. The pure voidal magic has caused their body to take on a curse of the soul, and the severity of the curse depends on how long they were exposed. Part of their soul has now been permanently been claimed by the void.

They have the unfortunate burden of being able to hear the distant whispers of the void deity, Steve. He is an ever present mummer in the back of their mind, always making suggestions to cause destruction and chaos; to act on your worst impulses and darkest desires. If one were to lean into Steve's suggestions and listen to him, he would only grow louder until the halv is lose to his command completely, and fully turns into a demonic beast. ​

Halvs are not inherently evil though, usually they were just people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were enthusiastic void researchers or wizards who went too far in their work. The halv curse can never be fully lifted, but it is possible to treat it to lessen it's negative effects and still continue living an almost normal lifestyle.

Halv Requirements

✅ A halv must have a mask. You can have the character wearing it or include a reference of it on the side.
✅ A halv should have at least 1 halv trait OR have a monsterous form with at least 1 halv trait.
✅ A halv must have 4 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 4 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 4.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "halv" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free halv trait on an existing halv please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:


Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!


Insect Tail (Halv) - A tail that resembles a centipede, scorpion, grub, ect! 
Chain Tail (Halv) - A strange tail made of chaining shapes
Extra Limbs (Halv) - Adds an extra set of arms up to 8 total
Extra Eyes (Halv) - Adds extra functioning eyes anywhere on the design.
Extra Mouth (Halv) - Adds a maw somewhere on the design such as the chest, tail, or hands
Beast Claws (Halvs) - Allows the arms/hands to be large with big claws


Monsterous Form

In late stages of the halv curse the browbird will be able to take on a second, distorted form that loosely resembles who they used to be. This form can be larger and stronger, or more lanky and elongated. They often have more exaggerated features, longer claws and fangs, a hunched posture, and so on. This form change can be brought on at will, or through certain triggers. 

This form should still resemble a browbird in terms of face and body structure!

The monsterous form can have the following

  • Different palette from their original form
  • Different traits -- the change from 1 trait to the other should make sense, such as horns getting longer but remaining a similar shape!
  • Different crest
  • Changing aspects if the change makes sense for their story! Such as dreams becoming nightmares. 
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