Astrean (Browbird Subtype)

This subtype is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are subject to longer review times and are more likely to be rejected if they use this subtype due to lack of up to date reference material.

Be aware that subtype traits and trait availability may change in the future.

Astreans, also know as "the dragons of the sea", are a species that is a close relative to browbirds, the two are a branching species that evolved alongside each other.

They are a semi-aquatic race that lived beneath the waves in large underwater castles made of glass and gold that are often referred to as "cathedrals" or "temples". These cities are located in the deepest, farthest reaches of the sea and most of them have been left to fall to ruins. There are a small few preserved Astrean cities, but these places have been sealed away with old magic that modern research has only just begun to crack.

Astreans were an extremely advanced society with magical advancements that far surpassed modern magical tech. There are countless astrean devices that are still not understood, and more are being discovered with each temple that has been revealed. The most well known discovery of astreans is that they had discovered a way to observe information in all layers of reality without the use of an individual with starsight or connections to the void. They build huge structures at the center of their cathedrals that they called observatories. With this, they could peer into the seas of time and beyond to gather and transcribe knowledge beyond mortal limits.

One day, nearly 4000 years ago, the entire species had vanished from the world without leaving any hints to where they had gone. The only evidence left behind are the symbols and charts that cover the ceilings of their observatories, though they have yet to be deciphered. A small few astreans had stayed behind, but due to their limited lifespans they had sealed themselves away within crystals in a state of stasis. At the center of each temple now waits a dormant astrean, awaiting their chosen date that they will awaken.

These astreans are generally very secretive and reclusive, due to being unfamiliar with much of the new world. However, they are naturally curious and excited to learn how things have changed in all these years! If asked about what had happened to the rest of their species though, this is something they will never reveal. 
✦ Info:
✅ Can be applied to an existing character with the Stone of the Sea.
✅ Can be applied to half-hiros, hiros, ancient, revenant, halv, and reverie
This type replaces the standard type.
To be an astrean, your character must have these features
  • At least one trait from the free traits list
  • Webbed feet
  • Astrean Wings, these can be large or small dragon-like wings hidden at will
  • A Total of 5 Aspect Slots, extra slots are granted automatically if character does not have 5.
Free Traits:
These traits can be added to the design for free upon transforming into an Astrean.
An astrean requires at least one of these traits to be added.
When making design edits to an existing astrean these can be added on with the use of an appearance change ticket. 
  • Fins - Can be applied anywhere on the body, head, or tail
  • Webbed hands
  • Scales - Can go over the usual 50% body coverage
  • Talonscale - Same as standard version of the trait
  • Fin ears - Should remain close to usual ear size
  • Gills - 2+ gill sets on the sides of the character's body and/or neck. Can be regular or frilly.
  • Free tail change to any common tail if your design currently has a common tail
Regular Astrean Traits:
The following are additional astrean traits.
2 of these traits can be added to free when creating an astrean but once the astrean is created they must be added normally.
More traits from this list can be added through [ITEM TBA].
  • Rare tail - Lets you have up to a rare length tail if the design does not currently have one
  • Belly Plate Scales - Scales that cover the front of the design/underside of tail
  • Scale Plating - Ornate raised scales
  • Jellyfish Tendril - Long jellyfish-like flowy bits from the head, body, tail, ect!
  • Fin Hair - Hair replaced entirely with fins
  • Tentacles - Can grow from the head, tail, body, can replace hair or tail
  • Sea Veil - Very long gown-like fins from the body or tail base

This type is a WIP! While it is available for use, please be aware that designs submitted are more likely to be rejected if they use this type due to lack of up to date reference material.
Please ask questions and send designs in for review if you are unsure of anything! 

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