⚡ Horn Engraving

⚡ Horn Engraving (Uncommon)

Category: Horns

Additional horn customization.
Adds intricate carvings to the horns. The exact look of the carvings is up to you.

🌈 Can be added with a Horn Engraving item specific to the species you are using it on. This item can be obtained via the Engraving Memories quest.
🌈 Can be added with an Uncommon Trait Potion

✅ Can be added to any horn type.
✅ Can be added alongside other additional horn traits.
✅ Can be applied to one horn or both.
✅ Can be asymmetrical in style and placement
✅ This trait does not replace other traits!

❌ Does not allow horns to have large holes carved out of them.
❌ Does not allow you to add rare markings to the horns without the corresponding traits.
❌ Carvings cannot glow without Glowing markings or Glowing Extras.
❌ Carvings cannot have inlays of materials like metal or gemstone without a corresponding trait that allows for it. Traits that can allow for inlays varies with the species.

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