Common Horns

Common Horns (Common)

Category: Horns
Species: Browbird

☑️ Common traits are free to apply to MYOs. You can swap to a common trait on an existing design using an Appearance Change.

Trait: A single pair of simple horns OR a single unicorn horn placed on the top of the head
Size: Max x1 head height

✅ Can be as thin or thick as the examples
✅ Can be very small
✅ Pointed and rounded tips are okay
✅ Can have very small nicks and divots, these are OK to apply asymmetrically!
✅ Can have scratches and various horn textures (shown below)

❌ Cannot be stacked
❌ Can only be placed on the top of the head like the examples show
❌ Cannot have multiple branches or prongs, only a very small divot in the tip at most!
❌ Cannot be engraved, broken, asymmetrical/mismatched, thorned, doubled, or have other modifiers without the appropriate trait modifiers
❌ Unicorn horn cannot be off-center
❌ Horns cannot be entirely obscured by hair regardless of size, please make sure they are showing at least a little in the masterlist art!

Common horn Examples

You are not limited to the horns shown!





Horn Texture

If applying a horn texture you must stick close to what is shown in the examples and it should be applied to both horns (without the mismatched horn trait). Scratches can be asymmetrical. Horn textures can be applied to higher rarity horns for free!

Uncommon Horns

Uncommon Horns (Uncommon)

Category: Horns
Species: Browbird

Uncommon browbird horn types. 

You can change the horns of an existing design to an uncommon style if you have an Uncommon Trait Potion. You must go through the design change salon to do so!

✅ The maximum length cannot be longer than 1.5x (one and a half times) browbird's head height
✅ Can be as thick as the thickest horns shown in the examples below

🔸 This trait allows only one set of horns placed on the top, side, or back of the head.
🔸 Uncommon horns should not have more than 3 branches
🔸 Simple Common horns can be doubled, this will make them uncommon! 

When creating a new design with uncommon horns or adding uncommon horns to an existing design, you are also able to add the following common horn modifiers for free:

If you have an additional Uncommon Trait Potion, access to an additional uncommon trait, or another item that allows for it, you may also add on the following per uncommon trait:

If you have a Rare Trait potion, access to a rare trait for your MYO, or another item that allows for it, you may also add on one of the following per rare trait/item to your common horns:

Examples of Uncommon Horns

You are not limited to the horns shown.



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