⚡ Mismatched Horns

⚡ Mismatched Horns (Rare)

Category: Horns
Species: Browbird

Additional horn customization.
Allows the horns to be different types.

🌈 Can be added with a Rare Trait Potion

✅ Can be added to any horn type.
✅ Can be added alongside other additional horn traits.

✅ Horns must be asymmetrical with this trait. 
+ You can make each horn an entirely different horn type of the same or lower rarity
+ You can make each horn a different size
+ You can apply different additional horn traits to each horn given that they are available to you.

✅ This trait does not replace other traits!

❌ Does not allow one horn to be completely removed without the rare No Horns trait
❌ This trait is NOT required to have horns with different colors or patterns.

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