Uncommon Tail

Uncommon Tail (★Uncommon)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird

Uncommon tail style.

🌈 Can be added with an Uncommon Trait Potion

✅ Tail tip can be shaped
✅ Can be split up to 50% of the tail length

❌ Tail fur cannot be used to increase length passed the max length.

🔸 The maximum size for most common tails with this trait, and most uncommon tails is shown below

The maximum length of this tail can brush the ground and be a bit more than half the browbird's height.

This length does not include horns or crest, only the body and head.


Regular Uncommon Tail Examples

Uncommon Tails 1
Uncommon Tails 2
Uncommon Tails 3
Uncommon Tails 4


🔸 The maximum size for certain specific common tails with this trait and certain uncommon tails is shown below:

These specific tails can be up to the length of the entire body when they have uncommon length applied.

This length does not include horns or crest, only the body and head.

The tails this extra length applies to are:
Mouse (common)
Leo (common)
Spade (common)
Kitty (common)
Lovely (common)
Forest (uncommon)
Monkey (uncommon)
Shaped (uncommon)
Whip (uncommon)

Uncommon Tail Length Exception by Browbird


🔸 Uncommon tails can have shaped tips. They can be any simple, smooth shape. Shape can have pointed or rounded edges. 2-8 points max confined to just the tail tip. You aren't limited to the examples below!


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