Rare Tail

Rare Tail (Rare)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird

Rare tail styles.

🌈 Can be added with a Rare Trait Potion
➕ Can be applied to an Astrean browbird as a free trait.

✅ Can be applied to common and uncommon tails!

✅ Can have no tail, does not stack with other tail traits.


🔸 When applied to a common or uncommon tail that does not already have a similar longer varient in the rare tail category, it will make the tail an rare long version of that common tail.

🔸 The maximum size for tails with this trait is shown below

The tail can be up to 1.5x the characters body length and can be incredibly fluffy.

This length does not include horns or crest, only the body and head.

Rare Tail by Browbird


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