⚡ x2 Tails

⚡ x2 Tails (★Rare)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird
❗ This is an LIMITED TRAIT. It can only be applied with its specific item.


Trait: Adds a second tail beside or below the current one
Size: Second tail max size is dependant on tail rarity

✅ Second tail can be ANY STYLE/LENGTH of the same or lower rarity to the current tail.
✅ You can swap/edit the existing tail when appling this trait without a change ticket
✅ Tails can be coiled together
✅ Can stack with other tail modifiers like split tail, spade tip, etc.

❌ Cannot stack with 3+ Tails
❌ Only adds an extra tail, does not change tail rarity
❌ If your tail idea doesn't look like 2 distinct tails you may not need this trait

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