➕ Faux Wings

➕ Faux Wings (Common)

This trait can be applied for free to any browbird or painted satyr MYO slot.
☑️ If your existing design does not have this trait it can be added with an Appearance Change at the Salon.

Trait: 1-2 sets of long fur tufts on the back that stick up and faintly resemble wings. They are vestigial wings  and may indicate distance hiros ancestry.
Size: Max size is 30% body height.

✅ Can be short or long
✅ Can be asymmetrical in placement and style
✅ Tufts can wiggle slightly
✅ Can be any fur texture and can have stylized wing "swirls" at the base

❌ Can only be placed on the back
❌ Cannot hang limply as long loose strands of fur
❌ They are not wings and should not resemble actual wings! They are covered in fur with no feathers and do not have an underlying wing bone structure.


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