Revenant (Browbird Subtype)

This subtype is a WIP! Please be aware that designs submitted for edits or approval are subject to longer review times and are more likely to be rejected if they use this subtype due to lack of up to date reference material.

Subtype traits and trait availability may change in the future.

The item to convert to this subtype is currently raffle-only!

Revenants are powerful heroes and warriors who died in battle or through some tragedy that were then resurrected and given a new soul. They now live a nearly immortal "life", frozen in a state of decay.

Undeath exists in many species, often caused by spells cast by death aspect wielders. However, bringing someone back in such a way where they aren't just a mindless zombie is something reserved only for death ancients. Those who master the death aspect can allowing trap souls through magical means as the most advanced form of necromancy. The process results in the revenant losing most memories of their life. In modern times using death magic for this purpose is frowned upon, as in the past there were many who abused the power by resurrecting others for selfish reasons without concern for how the revenant would feel. Regardless, there are still a scattered few out there who still create revenants. 

The revenant type, to some, has been considered something like an urban legend due to how rarely they're seen in their true forms in crowded areas. Revenants themselves will often employ whatever means they can to conceal their undead nature form the general public as to not spark fear and ire from the common folk. The fear likely stems from revenants of the long past who had used their strength to spread destruction through the astral oceans at the command of those who created them. There was even a time where many revenants were raised in order to fight in a massive was across the stars against the palatine organization and browbird civilization, unknowingly fighting against their former allies. As revenants regenerate from most injuries and have an endless lifespan, some revenants who took part in that war would still be alive today. Many of these survivors live at the distant edges of society trying to atone for what they had done.

Those resurrected as a revenant are often without any memory of who they previously were, leading some to go on a quest to retrace their past. While others will simply seek out a way to truly end their existence without any regard for the past. There are also revenants who go on living their new life without a care, happy to be given a second chance.

While any species in the Celestial Seas can be raised as an undead being, Revenant is the specific name the browbird liches and powerful undead are called. This category would, in fact, include true vampires.

Revenant Requirements

✅ A revenant must have at least 1 revenant trait
✅ A revenant should have a clear death wound or backstory indicating how they died
✅ A revenant must have 4 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 4 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 4.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "revenant" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free revenant trait on an existing revenant please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:


Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!


Bone Tail (Revenant) - The tail can be partial or full bone. Any tail style. Applied to tail style
Shattered (Revenant) - Allows parts of the body, horns, tail, some additional traits to float separately from the design!
Exposed Bone (Revenant) - Allows any part of the body/face to have exposed bone areas
Unmending (Revenant) - Unhealing injury, such as sword sticking through them, permanently bleeding eyes, or giant holes in their form.

Living Form

Revenants can optionally have a living form designed as a free bonus. They can disguise themself as this form if they choose or it can simply be how they looked when alive! If your revenant does not have a living form currently you may design it for free.

- (required) ALL revenant-only traits should be hidden
- (optional) some or all FREE revenant traits can be hidden (like broken horns being not broken in their living form)
- (optional) Crest can be different, should only be smaller and simpler and can be the same rarity as the undead form's crest or lower.
- (optional) Entirely different palette or partially different palette
- (optional) Hidden scars/wounds and hidden death wound
- (optional) Smaller horns
- (optional) Smaller tail
- (optional) Different horn texture

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