⚡Razor Tail Tip

⚡Razor Tail Tip (★Rare)

Category: Tail
Species: Browbird
🌈 This is an ITEM ONLY trait and cannot be obtained with a Rare trait potion. Can only be applied to a browbird using a specific item.

🌈 Applied to a browbird using Razor Nachos

Trait: Adds a weapon-like tail tip, sharp enough to use as a weapon
Size: Only affects the tail tip. Should only affect the last 15% of the tail for commont to rare tails. Or 10% of the tail if mythic length. Can be as wide as it is long. Does not extend total tail length!

✅ Can be applied to any tail aside from tailess browbirds. The longer/larger the tail the larger the tip can be.
✅ Can be any bladed weapon shape. EX: Sword, dagger, keyblade, trident, drill, etc!
✅ Can have engravings, chips, cracks, and breaks as long as parts of it still look like a razor tip
✅ Stacks with the following tail addon traits if the design also has those traits

  • Mythic Thorned tail
  • Mythic reflective accents - can affect the entire razor. Keep in mind large razors may use up the entire reflective accent coverage
  • Uncommon split tail, Rare x2 tail AND mythic x3+ tails - Each tail tip can have a different razor type.
  • Uncommon tail holes

❌ Should not be only a flat spade (common) or flat simple shape (uncommon).
❌ Not chained or hinged. It is just the tail tip, not an object, and it does not serve other functions. Cannot be removed, move, or spin separate from the whole tail. (EX: would not move like scissor blades or circular saw but could resemble them!)
❌ Does not extend total tail size. This trait is ADDED ON to whatever the existing tail type is.
❌ Should not be stylized to heavily resemble bones

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