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๐ŸŒŸ Pool of Reflection

Category: Specialty

Rarity: โœธ

โ˜…ย Obtained from:
โ€ขย Specialty Supplies - Purchased for โœจ25

โ˜…ย Use:
One time used. Item is consumed once design is made official.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the salon.ย 

This item allows the removal of one subtype from a character.ย 
The removeable subtypes are as follows: Hiros/Half-hiros, Ancient, Revenant, Halv, Astrean, Reverie, Feyblood, and Longbull
This item's use excludes types added through items on existing designs, which can be reverted to their past variations for free. This is only for designs originally created as a specific type. To remove multiple subtypes you will need multiple items.
When removing a subtype all type-specific traits and any free traits allowed for that type that were applied to the character are automatically removed. Please contact staff before purchasing this item if you have any questions about how it may affect your character.
โ˜…ย Description:ย 
A bowl of water from the ancient pools of reflection.ย 

โ˜… Use: This item allows the removal of one subtype from a character.ย