⚡Horn Holes

⚡Horn Holes (Uncommon)

Category: Horns

🌈 Can be applied to a browbird or painted satyr using an Uncommon Trait Potion.

Trait: 1-3 small separate holes pierced through each horn
Size: Holes are small, roughly the size of the character's eye.

✅ Can be any simple basic shape (ex: circle, rectangle, triagle, heart, star, diamond, etc)
✅ Can be asymmetrical and differently shaped per hole without mismatched horns
✅ Other horn modifying traits can interact with holes
✅ Holes can have small accessories like jewelry, piercings, string, nails, ribbons, objects etc.

🔸 For MASTERLIST ART: objects/piercings/inserts in the horns themselves please refer to these guidelines

  • Any objects are small and cannot look like traits the character does not have. Ex: Piercings that can't be disguinquished for thorns growing on the horn, a branch stuck through the horn with flowers on it that resembles floral antlers.
  • Objects cannot be weapons (knives, swords, etc)
  • They cannot have elemental or magical effects to make the horns appear elemental/dripping/bleeding/burning/glowing or filled with liquid in some way. Small things like a candle with a flame is OK!
  • Object inserts are removeable and optional/changeable in prompts

❌ Must be a hole going fully through the horn from one side to the other and make a complete shape through both sides. Cannot only partially go through or be broken up by the edges of the horn.
❌ Can only be placed on the top half of the horn and not the base where it can be obscured
❌ This trait is only regular holes from one end to the other, it is not partial chunks taken out, cracks, carvings, breaks, hollowed out horns, or looping/connecting horns.
❌ May not be applicable for certain VERY small horns


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