Ancient (Browbird Subtype)

This subtype is a WIP! Please be aware that designs submitted for edits or approval are subject to longer review times and are more likely to be rejected if they use this subtype due to lack of up to date reference material.

Subtype traits and trait availability may change in the future.

The item to convert to this subtype is currently raffle-only!

Ancients are browbirds with extended lifespans who have mastered one or more aspects after achieiving some sort of enlightenment in this life or a past life. They are often highly respected members of browbird society who often find themselves in positions of leadership or importance. The concept of royalty is rarer in most facets of browbird society, so an ancient would be the closest thing comparable to a royal in most places. Their magical potential and inherited wisdom often makes them perfect candidates to take on big responsabilities! However, not all will fit into, or even be interested in, such roles! 

Being born as an ancient is up to complete chance, there is no possible way to predict who will be an ancient and having ancient parents doesn't increase the chances. It could be anyone, at any point, although the chances are one in a million. Those born as an ancient are often given a more rigerous education and stricter magical training in order to ensure the chances of them using their strength for nefarious purposes are low. Those born as ancients are said to have become one in a past life, thus when being born they inherited an ancient's soul and the vague whispers of the past's wisdom that come with it.

Not being born an ancient doesn't negate all chances of becoming one though. Any browbird can obtain aspect mastery through rigorous training and following a destined path set out for them. It often takes many long years of dedication and training to achieve ancienthood. 

Ancient Requirements

✅ An ancient must have at least 1 aspect mastery trait that matches one of their aspects
✅ An ancient must have 4 aspect slots, not all have to be filled with aspects. If the character has under 4 aspect slots they will be given what is needed to reach 4.

Free Traits

If you apply a free trait please state "ancient" in the trait note on your design submission.
To apply a free ancient trait on an existing ancient please use an Appearance Change.

Other Information:


Exclusive Traits:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!

Phoenix Tail (Ancient) - Super long detailed tails resembling legendary creatures
Aspect Emblem Crest (Ancient) 
Aspect Weapon (Ancient) - The character can summon/wield a weapon largely consisting of their aspect

Aspect Mastery:

Reference images not completed for all traits, apologies!
Not all aspects have mastery applications.

Aspect Mastery: Spirit - Affects hair and fur by replacing parts of it with their aspect
Aspect Mastery: Being - Affects parts of the body, such as the arm, leg, wing, or tail , by replacing them with an aspect
Aspect Mastery: Cycle - Affects the horns and eyes by replacing them with an aspect

Mastery trait application examples:
Counts as 1 trait --> Using multiple effects of the same mastery branch AND same aspect
Counts as multiple traits --> Using multiple effects of the same mastery branch but different aspects
Counts as multiple traits --> Using different mastery branches, even if they are the same aspect

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