➕Flare (★Common)

Category: Additional Traits
Species: Browbird

This trait can be applied for free to any browbird MYO slot.
☑️ If your existing design does not have this trait it can be added with an Appearance Change at the Salon.

Trait: Adds short feathers, clumped whiskers, or a shape layered over a browbird's nose stripe
Size: Max size 50% head height for forehead/nose placement

✅ Can be feathers or fur
✅ Whiskers are optional, and can have tiny feathers or orbs at the end
✅ Can also have very tiny feathers under the eyes
✅ Can be asymmetrical

❌ Feathers and fur only, shouldn't resemble scales
❌ Max length feathers should only stick upwards, cannot cover the eyes
❌ Does not modify nose anatomy, nose and nose stripe should still be visible


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