⚡Razor Talons

⚡Razor Talons (Rare)

Species: Browbird
🌈 This is an ITEM ONLY trait and cannot be obtained with a Rare trait potion. Can only be applied to a browbird using an [ITEM TBA].

🌈 Not yet available!

Trait: Razor sharp armored claws that trail up the hand or foot.
Size: Must start at claws and cover at least half of one finger/toe. Always stops at the wrist or where the foot ends. Max coverage can cover the entire top side of the feet and hands.

✅ Can be asymmetrical and can be placed on hands, feet, or both!
✅ Can be affected by some modifying traits (ex: raptor talons for the feet, reflective accents, body thorns)
✅ Any additional shapes inended as part of this trait should still be connected to the claws
✅ Can be raised slightly and have different edge shapes

❌ Does not alter foot, hand, or claw anatomy - Doesn't make hands or claws larger than standard!
❌ Can't be segemented/plated, broken up, or cracked
❌ Only covers the claws and top of the hand or top of the foot, not the underside! Claws MUST be connected to the armor.

Delicate Anetnnae by Browbird

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