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Ah, here we are again...

Mini event ends on April 16th at 11:59 PM EDT

Due to some real life complications this mini event releas ended up delayed by about a month. I want to thank everyone again for the patience with the time it has taken to get this small event out. I hope you enjoy the prompts and all the new little goodies we've put in!


2 by Browbird

★ Mini Event Prompts ★

Complete mini event prompts to earn badges and rewards!

🍰 Anniversary Gift Giving
🍰 Create this Again
💗 Time Together 💗 PART 1
💗 Time Together 💗 PART 2


Two new permanent prompts have been added!

✨ Anything Goes! - Free for all art submission
✦  💎 Fortune's Fountain - Featured character art submission!

Please note that if you submit large posts to Anything Goes it may take a long time to approve during the mini event! Since it's new, please keep submission sizes smaller so we're able to keep up.

Oh! Be sure to keep an eye out for other prompts that may pop up soon...

6 by Browbird

The Event Merchant will be open for the duration of the event! There's a variety of special items available for a limited time at one purchase per user. Coupons can be used.


Event Merchant


2 by Browbird
FREE RAFFLE DESIGNS and MYO designs made from slots bought with a Celestial Ticket cannot be traded or sold! They may only be gifted or returned to staff to re-raffle.
If you win a free design (browbird, painted satyr, kitbull) you will be on cooldown and unable to enter the next free design raffle
If you win the CELESTIAL TICKET you will be on cooldown and unable to enter for the next CELESTIAL TICKET raffle.
Companions are considered game items and do not count against your ability to win a character or MYO raffle! Companions can only be traded for Celestial-Seas related items/currency/art!
Game items won in these raffles are not account bound
Winning game items does not put you on cooldown

💗 Valentine's Raffle 💗



+1 Mythic Trait Potion

1 winner!
Complete 💗 Time Together 💗 part 2

Celestial Ticket]

1 winner!
NO SUBMISSION NEEDED. Simply click "enter" to be in the drawing!

Rare Aircorn
1 winner!
Complete 💗 Time Together 💗 part 1 & 2

Rare Aircorn
1 winner!
Complete 💗 Time Together 💗 part 1 & 2

Rare Item
[Bands of Bond]
1 winner!
Complete 💗 Time Together 💗 part 1 & 2

🍰 Anniversary Raffle 🍰

This raffle is free to enter for all members. GO HERE TO ENTER! You can choose which prizes you'd like to enter for. Raffles in a batch are rolled in order and you will be removed from subsequent rolls if you win. The raffle closes on APRIL 16TH at 11:59 PM EDT (site time).

1 winner!
Designed by Corrin


1 winner!
Designed by Corrin

MYO slot 

2 winners
Celestial tickets can be exchanged for one common MYO slot of any species. There is one raffle for everyone and one for FTO/NON-OWNER ONLY. If you are a FTO/NON-OWNER you may enter for both!

Trait Item
1 winner!
Applies the LUSTRUM WINGS special trait to one browbird

Trait Item
1 winner!
Applies the LUSTRUM SOUL special trait to one painted satyr

Trait Item
1 winner!
Applies the LUSTRUM TALONS special trait to one kitbull

1 winner!
Baby mount companion designed by saivalkae

1 winner!
Baby mount companion designed by Acember

1 winner!
Baby mount companion designed by Sleepy

1 winner!
Baby mount companion designed by Dracula


Sparkle by BrowbirdSHOPS

★ Free Gifts CLAIM ★

Be sure to claim before April 16th at 11:59PM EDT!

Free Gifts

★ Permanent Shop Additions ★

The following items are now available for purchase in Market Street:
Wing Charm
- Available for ✨50. (Limited to 2 per user!)
Aspect Alteration
- Available for ✨30. (Limited to 5 per user!)
Common Aspect Tome 
- Available for ✨1.

✦ NOTE: The limited shop quantities for the Wing Charm and Aspect Alteration items does not mean that that's all you get! More opportunities to get these items are planned for the future, and shop prices+shop limits may be subject to change over time as we take note of user feedback and how these additions affect character editing!


Sparkle by BrowbirdOther Updates


★ Reimbursements ★

✦ Peculiars for kitbulls are in the process of being heavily reworked! There are plans provide reimbursements to users for traits and aspects that may have dropped in rarity or have been missed entirely due to the recent updates. We'll put out an update when this is available!

★ Celestial Seas Exchange 2023 ★

✦ The exchange allows you to trade in an existing design for a MYO slot with the same rarity, or raw separate items of the same rarity and traits!
✦ This will be held during the mini event with a planned opening of March 23rd!

★ Upcoming MYO slot Sale ★

10 slots will be going up for sale during the mini event! All 3 species are available. It will be a MYO SLOT FLAT SALE RAFFLE. You will be able to purchase extra traits! You can read up on MYO info here!

✦ This has a planned opening of April 6th!

★ Miscellaneous Updates ★

The recipe and crafting time for the Universe Page item have now been reduced! Its shop price has also been reduced to 💎15.
In order to reflect the changes to how common aspects are now applied, a free Book Bundle is available to claim in Free Gifts.
Information about the Longbull subtype and designing a Longbull form for your kitbull is now available for users!
All standard kitbulls and longbulls have now been granted 1 and 2 empty aspect slots respectively. If your design was missed, feel free to reach out to staff!
Formatting changes to existing prompts is currently underway, along with a few guideline changes for some prompts to allow for more leniency for submissions.
The REINCARNATION can now be used on designs from 2019
The Winter Seasonal Shop and Winter Crafting Recipes have officially been closed off for the year! See you next winter!

Sparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by Browbird

Event Credits:
Event Planning/Organization - Corrin, Sleepy, Dracula, Hope, Lune, Sai, Nev, Acember
Item Art, Banners - Corrin
Event Management - Corrin, Sleepy, Dracula, Hope, Lune, Sai, Nev, Acember




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