๐ŸŒŸ 50% Off Coupon

Category: Specialty

Rarity: โœธ

โ˜…ย Obtained from:
โ€ข Reward from Celestial Lustrum 2020

โ˜…ย Use:
One time use. Item is consumed when you use it upon purchasing an item.
Grants a 50% discount on a single item purchased from Market Street or an event merchant.
You will be able to use this item when making a purchase at the shop if it is in your inventory. You will be prompted if you want to use a coupon on the purchase window, be sure you select the coupon you want to use.

Coupon cannot be used on items with limited site-wide stock.
Coupon can be used on "one per user" purchases in applicable shops.
โ˜…ย Description:ย 
A shiny coupon given out at special shop promotions.ย 

Uses: Grants a 50% discount on certain items purchased from Market Street or an Event Merchant.

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