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🌟 Universe Page

Category: β˜… Specialty

Rarity: ✸

Resale Value: 10 ✨ Stargold

Trait Item
β˜…Β Obtained from:
β€’ Galstrod's Goods - Purchased for 15πŸ’Ž

β€’ Gilded Gacha

β˜…Β Use:
One time use. Item will be removed from your inventory when used.
You can use this item at the Design Change Salon to make this addition to a single character.
Adds +1 empty aspect slot to a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr.
✦ Info:
βœ… Aspect slot is applied regardless of type, it does not override aspect slots granted by type change items
βœ… Can be applied to an existing character or MYO during the creation process.
βœ… By default the empty slot can be filled by any common aspect.
❌ Cannot be used to grant additional aspect slots if the character currently has 8 slots, regardless of if they are filled.
β˜…Β Description:Β 
A page from an ancient manuscript that when read for the first time will give one insights into deeper magical understanding.Β 
The parchment this page is made from has trace materials of the first paper used to create one of the god devices, the Book of the Universe. It's possible that a long time ago, someone got ahold of some pages from the real book and recycled them into new paper, scattering small amounts of the book's grand magic to many new tomes.Β 
All of the writing and illustrations of the page are done by hand and have a surprising amount of detail if inspected closely.Β 
Universe Page by Browbird

β˜… Use: Adds +1 empty aspect slot to a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr.