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 Obtained from:
• Reward from Celestial Lustrum 2020
• Galstrod's Goods - Purchased for 50 💎
Can be used on browbirds only.
One time use. Consumed once design is updated. 
You must go through the design change station to make the updated trait official. 

Grants one browbird the special "Lustrum Wings" trait. 
This trait counts as an additional trait and does not replace other traits.
This trait can ONLY be obtained through this item. It cannot be added to a preexisting design or MYO without the item. 

✦ Cannot be placed on the character's tail or back
✦ Should be small
✦ Should be butterfly or moth, cannot be fully transparent/translucent
✦ Can have little frills, laced edges, slight tattering, or short trailing parts (similar to a luna moth)
✦ The possible spots are: Head, ears, shoulders, chest, wrists, hips, feet
✦ You can have a single wing on one side of the design
✦ Using the item only grants ONE set of wings, so if you want multiple placements you must use multiple copies of the item.

You can see an example of each placement here:
Head top, head side, Chest, Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, Feet
A grub that has a rainbow shine. It has reached it's final size before beginning its metamorphasis into its final form at the end of a five year process. It is at this time when they finally emerge from their underground life of consuming crystals and use the magical energy they have gathered over this period in a beautiful display of color before ascending to astral oceans in search of a new home.

It is believed that these creatures are the offspring of the god of dreams that collect in his eyes as crystal eggs while he sleeps, only to be brushed away like eye sand without second thought. The eggs then occasionally fall out of the dreamscape whenever small cracks in reality appear at the behest of a Reverie. 

If you were to find one of these rare creatures at this stage in their life and witness their transformation, you may find yourself blessed with luck for another five years.

★ Use: Grants one browbird the special Lustrum Wings trait.