Longbull (Kitbull Subtype)

🌟 Longbulls are a rare kitbull subtype only available if your MYO slot allows for a longbull! You can also give your kitbull a longbull ALT form if you use the Omnicular item.


★ longbull Form design notes

✦ The following are all features that the LONGBULL form must have!

REQUIRED: Longbull Anatomy
A longbull must be at least 2x the body length of a standard kitbull and can be up to 4x a kitbull's body length.

Longbulls have a mouth filled with sharp teeth. These teeth can optionally have a second set behind the first. The mouth can be drawn straight or catlike. This feature can optionally carry over to the standard kitbull form.

Required: Four-fingered hands
Front hands should have four fingers (3 fingers, 1 thumb). This feature can optionally carry over to the standard kitbull form.

★ Free Traits

✅ All traits currently on the kitbull design transfer to the longbull form unless otherwise specified (see longbull creation info below). If you are transferring a trait over to the longbull form it must retain their EXACT look with only very minor tweaks allowed to account for the different body plan. Trait sizing scales with the longbull, so a tail 2x the body length would be 2x the longbull's body length rather than the original kitbull form's tail size.

✅ The MOUTH and HANDS of the longbull form optionally translate to the kitbull form as well.

✅ Longbull's are granted +1 extra aspect slot regardless of their current number of slots.

A longbull is allowed 1 enchanted object/accessory created by you for design and IC purposes. This object is likely something the character would keep on their person and may have significance to them. Should be an object or accessory that they are able to carry with them, not clothing or a weapon.

✅ Can have 1 moderate elemental effect and be up to 50% elemental. MUST MATCH AN ASPECT THE KITBULL HAS. Check the elemental guide to see what is allowed!
✅ Can have runes of any type that can optionally glow
✅ Can have sparkles
✅ YOU get to pick the IC-only effect, keep it reasonable please! It should be minor to moderate in strength. Get creative!

❌ It should not resemble any existing premade enchanted items obtainable through the ARPG
❌ Cannot resemble wings
❌ Cannot be alive,
❌ Should clearly be an ITEM or ACCESSORY as to not be mistaken for a trait.
❌ Cannot be a weapon or clothing piece
❌ Should not exceed 100% the size of the body (front of chest to butt)

★ Other Information

✦ The method of shifting between the kitbull form and longbull form are UP TO YOU! It can be triggered by a specific event, only when they're wearing a specific item, when they have too much/too little magic to draw from, at their whims, and so on!

✦ Longbull forms are between 4' - 7' tall on all fours and would be twice to four times as long (excluding tail length). They can be big enough for another character to ride on their back. The size of the longbull does not have to be the the same as the kitbull, for instance if the kitbull was very small the longbull could still be max size.

✦ While in longbull form they have far more magical energy to draw from giving them better magical endurance and more magical strength.

✦ Most longbulls will revert to kitbull form if they are significantly weakened or totally worn out. For those who prefer to maintain their longbull form at all times their kitbull forms can be considered a low-power form they only take when absolutely necessary!

✦ Since they have a mouth some can speak vocal languages but others cannot or prefer not to. They are also able to eat in longbull form, but most normal foods hold little nutritional value to them. They still have to consume magical energy!

★ Creating and Editing longbulls

Please read this section carefully if you plan to design a longbull or make any edits to your longbull or a kitbull with a longbull form!


✅ If your MYO SLOT comes with the LONGBULL subtype you may design JUST the longbull when submitting. You do NOT need to design the kitbull form right away and can do so later.

✅ You can apply the same traits across both forms at creation OR use only specific traits on specific forms.

✅ Colors and markings do not have to be identical but should be very similar so that we can tell they are the same character. They cannot be an entirely different color/have entirely different markings. Try to keep it to a 5%-10% total difference at initial creation!


‼️ You do NOT have to edit the designs together after initial creation.

✅ When updating you may choose to update both designs at once or make edits to them entirely separately. This includes all types of edits such as traits, colors, ect!
✅  When applying a trait item you can choose to apply it to both designs or just one. You must apply the SAME SPECIFIC TRAIT if you are applying it to both however the trait sizing and placement can be different between forms.
✅  As long as designs still resemble each other there can be differences between forms. Both forms can still be used canonically!

❌ If you apply an item to one form (such as a dye kit or trait) and not the other form at the time of submitting the update, you will only be updating ONE of the designs. If you want to go back later and update the other one it with the same item it will require a second copy of the item. You can only do it on BOTH DESIGNS with the same item if you submit the updates together.

❌ If you do not apply transferrable traits when creating the longbull/kitbull form they cannot be re-added for free later!  IE: If the kitbull has wings but you do not include them on the longbull form at initial creation, to add the wings onto the longbull later you will need a mutation crystal.

❌ SPECIAL TRAITS and LEGENDARY TRAITS do not transfer between forms unless otherwise specified.

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