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★ Obtained from:
Galstrod's Goods - Purchased for 50 💎
•  Reward from Celestial Lustrum 2020
★ Use:
Can be used on kitbulls only.
One time use. Consumed once design is updated. 
You must go through the design change station to make the updated trait official. 

Adds +1 Golden Clippers special peculiar trait to one character.
★ Description
A pair of shiny, golden, old-fashioned pet nail clippers in the shape of a bird. It is clear that this item was crafted with care and was used often by whoever created it. Because of this, the item gained a magical aura of its own. Now, when a kitbull absorbs the magic from it they will find themself with a new set of sharp talons that make a distinct tapping sound as the kitbull scurries around. 

Even when a kitbull absorbs all the magic and the item is no longer enchanted, it isn't useless. The nail clippers will come in handy in tending to these new talons!

★ Use: Grants one kitbull the special Lustrum Talons peculiar.