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🌟 Reincarnation

Category: ★ Specialty

Rarity: ✸

★ Obtained from:
• Specialty Supplies - Purchased for ✨100

★ Use:
One time used. Item is consumed once design is made official.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the salon. 
Allows you to completely redesign a character's palette and markings, along with adjusting some traits.
Can only be used on designs from 2019 and earlier. If you are unsure of when your design was created please contact staff!

• Browbird crests must retain their main shape, but you may change their effect and color using other traits that are available within the crest rarity.
• Painted satyr mask material must remain the same, but you may change how it looks and how the free mask traits are applied.
• All aspects the character has remain the same
• Type remains the same
• All trait rarities must remain the same, but the rarities can be applied in different areas.
• Special traits cannot be swapped for other special traits
• Any traits added through items can remain as the same trait or be removed
• Palette and markings can be changed to anything without restriction
• Trait items can be applied when reincarnating!
• While we encourage having a nod to the original design in the palette or markings, it is not required.
Once reincarnated this item cannot be used again on the reincarnated design.

Trait Disclaimer: There may be certain masterlist entries that do not have up to date traits as trait appearance and availability changes over time. A design may have traits that are more common or more rare than what is listed and you will be required to abide by the most up to date species rules unless otherwise specified. If your design would be affected by trait changes you will be notified at the time of submission before approval. If you have any questions about traits before purchasing this item please contact staff.
To reverse reincarnation you can use a Temporal Reversal.
★ Description: 
Ever want a do over?

Uses: Allows one character to from 2018 or earlier to be almost entirely redesigned with some restrictions.


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