28 June 2020 (1 year ago)
Mazara Yu Chibi
Sai • He/They • 18+ • EST 

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Item Needs/Wishlist

For Mazara:

(+Halv Subtype)


Halv (???)

For Zhao:

Shimmering EggUniverse Page

25 SG + 30 Shards

Drigeon companion (shimmering egg + evorantine), water aspect (universe page)

Gilded Moth Hiros:

MYO TicketHylos Relic

200 SG  + 80 Shards

Mythic crest (mythic potion), reflective markings (reflective beverage), prismatic wings (hips, moth pattern), time aspect (myth tome), what else?

Arisen rose crest with thorned and blazing effect (mythic potion), butterfly cloak (moth pattern) + starsear flaming cloak, glamour eyes (frop) (glamorous eye potion), prismatic wings (hips, moth pattern) (instar prisma), rosethorn horns (rosethorn water), talonscale (crisp talon fish), scales (on tail, iridescent) (bottle of scale brew), rare dragon tail (rare rait potion), fire + illusion (uncommon tome) + shadow (rare tome) + chaos (mythic tome) aspects, ancient (fire mastery: being) (???)

For Mushroom Satyr (Nel):

Unpainted MaskRare Aspect TomeMythic Tome Universe Page(+Feyblood Subtype)

=  230 SG + 30 Shards + ???

Blight/broken ivory mask (partially missing mask + mushroom rot + seeping shadow) (mythic potion), one runic eye (runic scope + mismatched eyes potion), aura breath (aura breath decanter), mushroom flora (mixed mushroom), moss flora (moss cake), autumn leaves floral cloak (floral cloak treat), runic markings (rare potion), common patches, bone (uncommon tome) + shadow (rare tome) + death (mythic tome) aspects, feyblood cat-traits (six eyes) (???)

Listing the things I need to get for my MYO projects/upgrades... someday :)

10 ✨
51 💎
⚗️ Sparkling Sugar
⚗️ Auric Aurum
⚗️ Enchanting Paper
🔮 Spiral Eye Stone



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pbbts softly on your page

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leaves a gift for the maz, but watch out

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