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BREAKING NEWS! A hole has opened up just outside Sor Solir. It is estimated it to be over 1500 meters across, reported to be filled with dark, starry water. Authorities are still investigating the nature of this anomaly. Citizens are advised to exercise caution and avoid approaching until the cause of the event can be discerned.

The depths call to you...

Mini event ends on July 31ST at 11:59 PM EDT

6 by Browbird

About a day after it was broadcasted...

Dubbed relatively safe by the city council, the oddity outside of Sor Solir has been opened to the public! Everyone with the faintest sense of adventure has come to check out the phenomenon that has been officially dubbed the Starwell. Huge crowds are drawn to the rare anomaly, and with them comes massive festive parties and pop-up shops trying to capitalize off an influx of tourism. It’s become the season’s hottest new fishing spot, even though (or especially because!) the things people are reeling in are a bit… different. And then there's the dreams everyone's been talking about.

Just as soon as investigators concluded it posed no immediate danger to life around it, denizens of the Celestial Seas began flocking to the Starwell to check it out! The Starwell has become a major attraction overnight, now surrounded by colorful tents, hastily-built stands, carnival rides, performance stages, and makeshift docks. Some have even brought their own rafts and boats to go farther out on the water for better fishing, though Sor Solir’s city council has advised against diving until the Starwell’s origins are better understood.

The Starwell itself is a perfectly round disc of blue water streaked through with glowing white specks. It is 1500 meters in diameter, with a 50-meter ring of shallow water around its edge. At the end of the shallows, the Starwell drops off steeply, so deep that nobody can see the bottom. When viewed from above, it looks almost like an enormous stargate set into the ground.

Aside from the numerous parties and natural curiosity — both massive draws for any denizen of the Celestial Seas, to be sure — fishing has become an incredibly popular pastime! People have reported catching anything from strange artifacts to gigantic mutated fish.

Strangest of all, however, is that everyone who’s seen the oddity reports having dreams of what lies within the deep waters. The dreams of those who have actually taken a dip in the Starwell are especially vivid, almost as if something is reaching out to them. There has been heavy debate as to what this could mean, but given that nobody has been hurt so far, it’s probably fine!

As this is a single-part mini event all the main content is available from the start! Though there are a few smaller updates planned to be added during the event.
2 by Browbird

Some quests are exclusive to the event. Prompts can be done with your own character or as gift art. Complete them to get game currency and special rewards!

✦ Dreams of the Deep ✦

Swim down, down, down…

✦ The Beach Episode ✦

Friends, food, and fireworks. Enjoy the festivities surrounding the anomaly!

✦ Gone Fishing ✦

Strange things have been spotted swimming in the Starwell. Cast your line and see what you catch!

This is a "MINIGAME" PROMPT with different mechanics to normal prompts. First you'll need to get your hands on some bait to make an attempt...

✦ Hot Brow Summer ✦

A general summer themed prompt available until the end of August!

1. Dreams of the Deep - Complete the prompt 1 time
2. The Beach Episode - Complete the prompt 1 time
3. Gone Fishing - Complete the prompt 3 times -OR- 1 time with 3 baits attached!
4. Hot Brow Summer - Complete the prompt 1 time as gift art

Completion reward:

x1 Treasure Trove
x1 Strange Hoard
x1 Mystery item...
The mystery item will be revealed when claims open. Can you guess what it is?

Claims for completion will be open on JULY 16th and will be available for the entire rest of the event.


6 by Browbird

A selection of summer and event-themed items are now available! Browse through the crowded market that popped up overnight at the Starwell!


2 by Browbird
Free raffle designs and designs made from raffle MYO slots cannot be traded or sold! They may only be gifted or returned to staff to re-raffle.
If you win a free design (browbird, painted satyr, kitbull) you will be on cooldown and unable to enter the next free design raffle
If you win a MYO SLOT you will be on cooldown and unable to enter for the next MYO SLOT raffle.
Companions are considered game items and do not count against your ability to win a character or MYO raffle! Companions can only be traded for Celestial-Seas related items/currency/art!
You can only win once per raffle
Game items won in these raffles are not account bound unless specified
Winning game items or companions does not put you on cooldown. However, in this instance you cannot win the Stone of the Sea from both raffles.

Raffles will be decided by each winner's priority pick! Ex: If you are rolled first and pick prize #4, you get prize #4. Winners will be required to contact Corrin via discord within 24 hours of winning!

☀️ Depths RAFFLE ☀️

You gain one entry into this raffle for your first completion of "Dreams of the Deep" and your first completion of "Beach Episode". Max 2 entries total per person if you do both prompts.


x1 Stone of the Sea
x1 Celestial Ticket (MYO SLOT)
x1 Magical Sluggy


You gain 1 entry into this raffle for each Gone Fishing submission!

x1 Stone of the Sea
x2 Celestial Tickets (MYO SLOT)
x1 Cosmic Egg
Companion-348: ⭐RARE Aprico
Companion-349: ⭐RARE Bippin
Companion-350: ⭐RARE Crabit
Companion-351: ⭐RARE Seasun



✦ For the duration of the event there will be a third option on the weekly login list that you can optionally choose instead of the normal loot tables. This one gets you a Strange Scallop which can be opened to obtain things useful in the event.

Check back each week to roll on the weekly login bonus!


✦ You can also pick up the following items from FREE GIFTS if you haven't already.

The treasure trove is available for the summer season until August 31st, but the Strange Scallop and free worm lure will be leaving along with the event at the end of July!



✦ A design flatsale is planned for WEDNESDAY THE 28th featuring kitbulls with the NEW TRAITS! Designs will be $150 each.

✦ A second sale of browbirds and painted satyr is planned for later in the event, keep an eye out!

★ NEW Traits★

✦ Sparklure Antennae are a new item-only uncommon trait that can only be applied with the Sparklure Sundae and not with a normal trait potion. It is available to all species!

✦ Sea Slug traits are a new special batch of peculiar traits that can only be obtained with a Magical Sluggy. Several months after the event ends the item will become available in Galstrod's Goods like other special traits. It is kitbull exclusive!

✦ Once something seen only rarely on Astreans was discovered to be a feature any browbird can have. While still exceedingly rare, it is possible! Plate scales can be applied with a Mythic Trait Potion or the new Grilled Geck item. 


✦ Several new items have been added for summer and the event! Click the item to be taken to it's info page.

Some are obtained from event quests, others from the shops, and a few are exclusive to crafting during the event!

TO CRAFT ITEMS YOU MUST COMPLETE THE CRAFTING QUESTLINE! Crafting isn't required for the event, but it's highly recommended that you unlock it!



❗❗ THERE IS A COMPANION SHOP DROP PLANNED FOR JUNE 26th! A post will be made in the discord when it's close to going live.


A strange energy swirls within that garbage Chance was selling, and from it emerges a new life... or un-life? The Ghost Talonfish can now be hatched from the Useless Trash Pet Egg item!

Cherubuns prefer to group together and form angelic choirs, but there's the occasional odd one out that sings to a different tune. These rebels will eventually get cast out from their group and start doing their own solo thing. Uncommon cherubun's are now available!


✦ Eight companion bases have been entirely overhauled! These are the NEW common and uncommon bases for these four companion species. The old bases these are replacing are now permanently retired after this update.

You aren't required to update your old base designs, but updating to the new base is free. Just remember... You can't go back to the old base! If submitting an update the design must remain about 90% the same. (Same colors and markings but can be tweaked slightly.)


Several changes have been made to the Astrean subtype, you can read the updated info page HERE! It is still being filled out and finalized, but it should give a good idea of how they'll be handled from now on.

  • Astreans are now switched over to only allowing +1 Astrean trait (+unlimited traits from the free section) with the creation of an Astrean to keep them more in line with mythic and planned legendary subtypes.
  • To compensate for the above, new traits have been added/moved to the "Free Traits" section.
  • You can add extra non-free Astrean traits to an Astrean character using the new Chromatic Conch item. It can be purchased at Galstrod's Goods!
  • Plate Scales are no longer astrean-only, it is now a general mythic trait any browbird can obtain!
  • Astreans have been updated to the NEW subtype model that we've been testing with longbulls. This allows you to change one or multiple current forms into an Astrean (essentially the same rules as before) OR add ONE new form that is just an Astrean without modifying the other forms. Check the subtype info for more details on how it works! This is still being worked on so there may be further adjustments in the future.

During the event, Astreans will also be getting a LORE DROP and visual trait references added to the guides!

★ MYO slot Sale ★

10 slots will be going up for sale during the mini event!

  • You can read up on MYO info + prices here
  • It will be a FLAT SALE RAFFLE anyone can enter
  • It will be open for 24 HOURS before winners are drawn
  • Winners will be announced in discord
  • ALL 3 species are available for purchase
  • You must be 18+ to purchase a MYO slot
  • EVENT EXCLUSIVE: You will be able to purchase the new "Sparklure Antennae" ($25 each - same price as an UC trait) and the "Sluggy" traits ($30 each - same price as a peculiar) onto newly purchased and any existing [PLAT] slots. These traits can only be obtained via their SPECIFIC ITEMS otherwise!
This has a planned opening of July 10th!

★ Miscellaneous ★

  • Remember to join the PRIDE RAFFLE if you haven't yet! The raffle and mini prompt will close at the end of JUNE!!
  • Crest Guidelines have been entirely overhauled
  • Raptor Feet have been updated with proper references, new options, and are now an uncommon trait, all designs with this trait have been granted +1 rare trait credit for the rarity decrease.
  • WISHER'S WELL payout has been increased to 5 and 2, up from 3 and 1 respectively.
  • BUNNY MILKSHAKE can now be chosen from the Fantastic Feast item
  • Trading rule clarification has been added to both the trading post and main trading pages
  • Trading post listing now stay up for much longer!
  • Companions and Browlets now have their own site guide pages. They are still a WIP and being filled out!
  • While event crafting and the event shop will leave with the event, summer crafting and the summer merchant will be leaving AUGUST 31st!

Thanks a ton to the community, and to all the staff members and helpers that made this event possible! Be sure to check the credits at the bottom of this announcement.

Additionally, I'm in the process of setting up for a possible "Patreon Reward" system that will actively help support the site and the creation of events like this one, it is NOT CONFIRMED yet, and still in the early stages of planning. You can read more about some of the ideas and give feedback here!


Sparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by BrowbirdSparkle by Browbird

Event Credits:
Event Planning/Organization + Scenario || Corrin
Event Management || Sleepy, Dracula, Hope, Lune, Cypherlife, Acember
Writers || Sol, Hope, Ares, Corrin
Artwork/Items/Assets || Corrin, Sleepy, +Help from Nitebight for some banner lineart



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