Wisher's Well

[✨💎] Weekly Gift Art or Writing Activity! Resets at the end of each Sunday.


★ This activity can be done once a Week! ★

★ About the Wisher's Well

There are many legends told across the Astral Seas of lakes, ponds, rifts and wells that are said to grant a wish if you toss in some stargold. All wishes are welcome at these places, though it's rare that a body of water will ever contain the magic needed.

The Wisher's Well in the Magician's District of Centuary is different though. It is a place of true, potent magic that has stood at the center of the district's plaza for centuries. Though what it does is a bit different from what one may expect from a traditional magical well.

Rather than dropping in coins, you are to place something of value into the well and when you do so, the well spits out some stargold for you to take. The item you left will then find it's way to the person it is meant for, granting their wish. Perhaps one day when you make your way by the well, it will have a gift for you that was left by another!

★ Prompt

Draw or write a gift piece for any Celestial Seas character!

★ Allowed Species

BrowbirdPainted SatyrKitbullBrowletCompanion-only

★ Info

✦ Submissions must be created by you - no commissions, collabs, bases, or traced images.
✦ The Celestial Seas character used in your submission must belong to someone else. Look here for characters open for gift art and writing!
✦ You may depict the character alone or interacting with other characters as long as the featured character is the focus.
No stargold bonuses apply!

★ Minimum Requirements

✦ For visual art submissions:
Must be full color
Must show at least the shoulders and up of the focus character:
✦ For written submissions:
Must be at least 200 words

★ Restrictions

✦ Can be completed once per week! Resets on Sunday, 11:59PM site-time! Submissions sent within the same week will be declined.

✦ You cannot submit gift art or writing for the same user or character twice in a row.

The intent of this feature is not to farm, but to offer a small reward for anyone who does a small piece of gift art!
  • ★ REWARDS ★

    Do not apply these base rewards yourself, they will be automatically added to the entry!
    3 Stargold
    Can be spent at the shops!
    1 Celestial Shard Can be spent at Galstrod's Goods!

Artwork by Corrin


Reward Amount
✨ Stargold 3
💎 Celestial Shard 1