🏳️‍🌈SPECIAL: Pride Celebration!

🏳️‍🌈SPECIAL: Pride Celebration!

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Ends: 30 June 2023, 23:59:59 EDT (2 months ago)

🏳️‍🌈[🎟️🎀✨💎] ★ Celebrate Pride Month! ★




You can gain 1 free entry into the RAFFLE here!

Completing this prompt gets you 1 EXTRA ENTRY into the raffle!
RAFFLE AND PROMPT CLOSE AT THE END OF JUNE! We will process all entries submitted by the deadline BEFORE rolling!

The staff and guest artist team have come together to create a HUGE batch of designs for raffle to celebrate pride month and as a thank you to the community!

1. Browbird-616
2. Browbird-617
3. Painted-Satyr-171
4. Painted-Satyr-175
5. Browbird-618
6. Kitbull-139
7. Browbird-619
8. Painted-Satyr-172
9. Browbird-620
10. Kitbull-138
11. Painted-Satyr-176
12. Browbird-621
13. Browbird-622
14. Browbird-623
15. Painted-Satyr-174
16. Painted-Satyr-173


✦ You can only win MAX 1 design in the raffle, if you are rolled for one design you are removed from the following rolls
✦ Distribution is different this time, we will be basing it off both winner order AND winner priority choice
✦ If you obtain a design from this raffle you are on cooldown and cannot win a PREMADE BROWBIRD, PAINTED SATYR, OR KITBULL design in the next premade raffle. You can still enter for companions/items/MYO slots in the next raffle!
✦ If you win and and no longer want the design you can ask for us to do a REROLL. If later you decide you no longer want the design you can return them to the group to be re-raffled or gift them to someone else!

Winners will be announced on discord. When rolled you will be REQUIRED to contact Corrin on discord within 24 hours of winning or you will be rerolled!

★ Prompt

Draw or write about your character celebrating pride in some way!

You can depict them at a pride festival, wearing pride colors, with pride flags, colored in the palette of a pride flag of your choice, spending time with loved ones, or anything else that feels fits the pride spirit to you!

★ Allowed Species

BrowbirdPainted SatyrKitbullNo Browlet-onlyNo Companion-only

★ Info

✦ Submissions must be created by you - no commissions, collabs, bases, or traced images.
✦ Can be done as gift art, characters allowed for gift art can be found here, and writing here. Reminder to be respectful towards character's identities and ask if you're unsure if they'd be okay to use for this prompt!

★ Minimum Requirements

✦ For visual art submissions:
Must be full color
Must show at least 25% of 1 character
No background required
✦ For written submissions:
Must be at least 300 words
Must clearly be about OR written from the perspective of the character(s)

★ Restrictions

✦ Can be completed one time!
✦ ALL STARGOLD AND ITEM BONUSES CAN APPLY! Check bonuses and requirements here.
✦ Include a payout calculation breakdown in the comments section!

We will send back your entry if there are any issues! If you'd like us to make payout corrections and approve without sending back (even if the payout is less) please mention in the comments section.
  • ★ REWARDS ★

    Do not apply these base rewards yourself, they will be automatically added to the entry!
    5 Stargold
    Can be spent at the shops!
    1 Celestial Shard Can be spent at Galstrod's Goods!
    1 Rainbow Scarf
    Special Elemental Apparel Item unique to PRIDE!
    🎟️1 Raffle Ticket
    You gain an extra ticket into the raffle for completing this prompt!


Reward Amount
✨ Stargold 5
💎 Celestial Shard 1
🎀 Rainbow Scarf 1
This prompt has ended.