☀️EVENT: Beach Episode!

☀️EVENT: Beach Episode!

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Ends: 31 July 2023, 23:59:59 EDT (1 month ago)

☀️[⚗️✨💎] ★ Enjoy some fun in the sun by the anomaly! ★


★ Prompt

Draw or write what your character does on the shores of the Starwell!

Is your character enjoying the festivities? Who are they hanging out with? Do they want to buy any interesting souvenirs or snacks? Do they prefer to sunbathe alone, or are they one of the people taking advantage of this new craze? Consider what they’d be doing at the Starwell’s delightful pop-up festival!


The sand underfoot is toasty warm, and the water of the Starwell is a pleasantly cool escape from the sun’s heat. All around you, other celestial citizens have made the shores of this place their own. You can hear people talking excitedly about this and that, what they’ve caught today or the best place for a quick bite. Strings of brightly colored lights trail between tents and stands, drawing your eye from one place to the next, all of them decorated with streamers and pinwheels to catch the wind.

Every tourist here is looking for a good time, and every bright young entrepreneur wants to make a quick buck while there’s a crowd. To that end, stalls are selling everything from handmade Starwell-themed souvenirs to tasty treats to fresh caught fish. The market is lively with people who want to cash in and snatch up a memory while they can. There’s even a crew that’s set up a series of carnival rides!

Of course, if that’s not your style, you can always set up a towel on the beach to relax and bask in the sun, or take a dip in the sparkling waters of the Starwell! Everybody agrees the water’s absolutely phenomenal.

★ Allowed Species

BrowbirdPainted SatyrKitbullNo Browlet-onlyNo Companion-only

★ Info

✦ Submissions must be created by you - no commissions, collabs, bases, or traced images.
✦ Can be done as gift art, characters allowed for gift art can be found here, and writing here.

★ Minimum Requirements

✦ For visual art submissions:
Must be full color
Must show at least 25% of 1 character
No background required
✦ For written submissions:
Must be at least 300 words
Must clearly be about OR written from the perspective of the character(s)

★ Restrictions

✦ Can be completed once per week during the event period!
✦ ALL STARGOLD AND ITEM BONUSES CAN APPLY! Check bonuses and requirements here.
✦ Include a payout calculation list in the comments section!

This prompt specifically requires you draw or write your character spending time at the Starwell. If you're looking for a more general summer prompt try this one instead!

We will send back your entry if there are any issues! If you'd like us to make payout corrections and approve without sending back (even if the payout is less) please mention in the comments section.
  • ★ REWARDS ★

    Do not apply these base rewards yourself, they will be automatically added to the entry!
    5 Stargold
    Can be spent at the shops!
    2 Celestial Shard Can be spent at Galstrod's Goods!
    1 Strange Scallop
    Open for some stargold and either a crafting material or bait!
    +1 🎲Random Lure
    Drops 1 lure! (Worm, Fly, or Abyssal)
    First completion only!
    Gains you 1 entry into the Encounter in the Depths raffle!

Banner Art by Corrin, Nitebite, Sleepy
Writing: Limesparrow
Character Credit:
Browbird 562, Browbird 600, MYO Browbird 384, MYO Browbird 373, MYO Kitbull 008, Painted Satyr 041, MYO Browbird 308, Kitbull 118, Painted Satyr 081, Browbird 573, Companion 163


Reward Amount
✨ Stargold 5
💎 Celestial Shard 2
🎁 Strange Scallop 1
This prompt has ended.