⚑ Mismatched Horns

⚑ Mismatched Horns (Rare)

Category: Horns
Species: Browbird

Additional horn customization.
Allows the horns to be different types.

🌈 Can be added with a Rare Trait Potion

βœ… Can be added to any horn type.
βœ… Can be added alongside other additional horn traits.

βœ… Horns must be asymmetrical with this trait.Β 
+ You can make each horn an entirely different horn type of the same or lower rarity
+ You can make each horn a different size
+ You can apply different additional horn traits to each horn given that they are available to you.

βœ… This trait does not replace other traits!

❌ Does not allow one horn to be completely removed without the rare No Horns trait
❌ This trait is NOT required to have horns with different colors or patterns.

⚑ Mismatched Eyes (Rare)

🌈 Can be applied using a Rare Trait Potion.

Can be applied to browbirds and painted satyr.

Trait: Allows the eyes to both have different colors and/or styles.
Size:Β Only affects eyes.

βœ… The pupil, iris, and color can all be different, you can missmatch however you'd like!
βœ… Can be applied with other eye traits to create more combinations, such as having both eyes with different glamour pupils!

❌ Rare, Mythic, and Ancient eye styles are not included with this trait
❌ This trait is not required to have your character missing an eye


Rare-eyes-1 Orig by Browbird

Hetero by Browbird

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