⚑ Broken Horns

⚑ Broken Horns (Rare)

Category: Horns

🌈 Can be added to a browbird with a Browbird Broken Horns
🌈 Can be added to a kitbull with Kitbull Broken Horns
🌈 Can be added to a browbird or kitbull with a Rare Trait Potion

βœ… Can be added to any horn type.
βœ… Can be added alongside other additional horn traits.
βœ… Can be applied to one horn or both.
βœ… Application does not have to be symmetrical.
βœ… This trait does not replace other traits!

❌ Does not allow horns to have large holes carved out of them.
❌ Does not change base horn rarity or change horns to uncommon or rare
❌ Does not add horns to a character
❌ Does not allow you to completely remove a horn
❌ Cannot glow without mythic Glowing Markings
❌ If you decide to draw your character with a "horn cap" or "horn replacement" to cover the break, please keep in mind that it must not appear as if their horn itself is made of a different material. 

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