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🌈 Browbird Horn Engraving

Category: β˜… Trait Items

Rarity: β˜…β˜…

Resale Value: 6 ✨ Stargold

β˜…Β Obtained from:
β€’ Reward from Engraving Memories Quest
β€’ Potential drop from Delightful Dinner

β˜…Β Use:
One time use. Consumed once design has been updated.
You can use this when making edits to your character through the design edit salon.

Allows you to add Uncommon Horn Engravings to a browbird.

✦ Horn carvings can be any type of image or shape as long as it is not rare markings such as stars, constellations, runes, moons, and spiral eyes. (you can use these shapes if you already have the rare marking however!)
✦ Carvings themselves should not have metallic, gemstone, crystal, ice, or otherwise aspect related inlays.
✦ Horn carvings can be applied to one horn, or multiple horns.
✦ This item does not allow you to add uncommon horns.
✦ Horn carvings should not glow unless the carvings are in the shape of rare markings or unless you have the glowing marking trait.

✦ The exact symbols and colors are up to you. You can have entire scenes on the horns, or something more simple like swirled patterns. The carvings can be a different color to the horns.

β˜…Β Description:Β 
Is there a story you want to last forever?

Uses: Allows you to add the Uncommon Horn Engravings trait to a browbird.

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