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🌈 Rosethorn Water

Resale Value: 8 ✨ Stargold

★ Obtained from:

• 🎃 Fall Event Merchant - Purchased for ✨50
• 🖋️The Inkwell - Purchased for 🩸Inkdrop 15
• Reward from Candleblight 2019
• Potential drop from Fantastic Feast

★ Use:
Can be used on browbirds or painted satyr.
One time use. Consumed once design is updated. 
You must go through the design change station to make the updated trait official. 

Grants one browbird the "Rosethorn Horns" rare trait. 
Adds tiny thorns in any placement to be added to the browbird's horns. This can be applied to any hornstyle. Thorns should be kept fairly small.

- Or -

Grants one painted satyr the "Briarthorn Patches" trait.
This trait allows thorns to grow from patches on the satyr's main body, and additionall allows their horn and tail branches to be sharper like rose thorns.  Does not add additional branches to the horns or tail! Each thorn will still count as 1 branch in those areas.

★ Description
A sweet, refreshing beverage in a rose-shaped bottle. Inside, many rose petals swirl around in the pink and purple liquid.

This drink is common at all times of year, but is especially prominent during festivals. While it can simply be used as a nice drink, it has also seen use as flavoring in desserts, and even as something to completely bathe in!

★ Alternate Item Art:
Rosethorn Water by Browbird

Uses: Grants one browbird or Painted Satyr the rare Rosethorn Horns/Patches trait.


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