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🎁 Thank You Gift

Category: Gifts & Boxes


 Obtained from:
Tracker Claims → For users who played the ARPG on DA and earned at least one badge who then transferred their inventory to the website!

Open the item in your inventory to gain all of the following
  • +5 Stargold
  • +1 Celestial Shard
  • +1 Of the following Random Rare non-exclusive Items:
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Reward Chance

44.4% Total
(3.7% ea.)

11.1% Total
(3.7% ea.)

7.4% Total
(3.7% ea.)

33.3% Total
(3.7% ea.)


★ Description
Thank you for joining our website and continuing the play the game!

Uses: Open for a list of thank-you items!

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