🔮 Ethereal Essence

Category: Mutations & Peculiars

Rarity: ★★★

Resale Value: 8 ✨

★ Obtained from:
• Market Street - Purchased for ✨50
• Events
• Questing
★ Use:
For use on Kitbulls.

One time use. Consumed once design is updated. You can use this when making edits to your character through the design edit station.

Allows you to add one of the following peculiar traits onto your kitbull:
✦ Bog Body || Goobull. The kitbull is slime, this can be their entire body or just a part of it.
✦ Spectral || The kitbull's body/limbs/tail can become translucent either showing bones or simple being see through
✦ Eerie Glow || One part of the kitbull, or their entire main body can glow
✦ Will 'o Wisps || Floating wisps of magic can gently drift after the kitbull and float around their form

★ Description
The purest essence of a powerful spirit captured and bottled away. A powerful seal has been placed on the cork to prevent too much of the energy from seeping out. The exact alignment of the spririt is unknown, but it is suggested to be in a safe place with no one of week will around, or you might end up with a posession on your hands...

There's a small note on the back of the bottle that reads "DO NOT DRINK."

 Alternate Item Art:
Ethereal Essence by Browbird

Uses: Allows you to add +1 Ethereal Essence Trait to one kitbull.


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