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🔮 Dragon's Tongue

Category: Mutations & Peculiars

Rarity: ★★★

Resale Value: 8 ✨ Stargold

 Obtained from:
Market Street - Purchased for ✨50 
• Rare drop from A Secret in Sor Solir 2019
• Very rare drop from Thank You Gift
• Potential drop from Strange Hoard
For use on Kitbulls.
One time use. You can use this when making edits to your character through Design Changes.

Allows you to add one of the following peculiar traits onto your kitbull:
✦ Dragon Headwings || Replaces the ears with dragon wings or adds multiple dragon wings to the head
✦ Dragon wing tail || Adds any number of dragon wings to the kitbulls tail
✦ Draconic Blessing || Adds a set of dragon wings anywhere on the kitbull's body (not back wings).
✦ Scaling || The kitbull can have scales anywhere on their main body! Can be up to 100% coverage.
★ Description
An item often seen at shops hidden away in back alleys for high prices. It's the tongue of a real dragonkin with part of the soul still in tact, quite a rare item indeed! While not illegal to sell this item, it is against the law in many places to hunt dragonkin creatures. It's probably for the best NOT to ask where the shopkeep got it from.

Many people believe part of a dragon's soul is kept in the tongue, making this item sought after for many potions for its magical potency.

Uses: Allows you to add +1 Dragon's Tongue Trait to one kitbull.


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