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🔮 Elder Apple

Category: Mutations & Peculiars

Rarity: ★★★

Resale Value: 8 ✨ Stargold

★ Obtained from:
• Market Street - Purchased for ✨50
• Rare drop from Secret in Sor Solir 2019
• Very rare drop from Thank You Gift
• Potential drop from Strange Hoard

★ Use:
For use on Kitbulls.
One time use. You can use this when making edits to your character through Design Changes.

Allows you to add one of the following peculiar traits onto your kitbull:
✦ Sea Tail || Adds any amount of fins to the kitbull's tail, and allows the tail to look more fish-like
✦ Fins || Gives the kitbull as many fins as you'd like of any kind on their body. This also allows for fin "wings".
✦ Sealife || Coral or anemone grows from the kitbull, with optional tiny floating fish that follow them!
✦ Glass || Can turn any part of the kitbull into smooth glass which can be see through and comes in any color. The glass can be filled with water by default, but can be combined with other peculiars to be filled with different things.
★ Description: 
A type of fruit that grows from a plant called the Leytree that sprout from areas around the celestial leylines. When ripe they drop off and float through the spacial seas until arrive at planets and islands. 

The long tail is a long root that helps them swim while absorbing magical energy from their surroundings. They can sometimes travel for hundreds of years before properly taking root on a world, and while rare items they can technically wash up on any world or island.

As for the way they taste... Well..

Uses: Allows you to add +1 Elder Apple Trait to one kitbull.

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