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Created: 3 January 2021, 11:29:19 EST
Last updated: 18 May 2022, 19:33:15 EDT

event ends on February 24th at 11:59 pm est

After which all event prompts, sidequests, and other activities will be closed for the year.

The event shop and event-only crafting will remain open an additional week after the event ends so you will have plenty of time to finalize crafting and purchase any items you want. They will close on  March 3rd at 11:59 EST (Server time).

Join the discord for updates, event discussion, and to hang out with the community!

1 by Browbird

Ship by Browbird

Frostfall has arrived.

You find yourself sailing across the starlit seas to a moon covered in sparkling snow, beside you is a friend and in your hands a magical artifact retrieved from a dusty old cabin in another dimension. What adventures await you at your next destination?

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2 by Browbird
Prompts must be completed in order starting at part 1

If you submit your prompt to DA please add it to the group's event folder!

Prompts can be drawn, written, animation, or comics.
As the event continues, more prompts become available. Do all 3 to finish!
All 3 prompts will be available for the entire duration of the event.

Part 1 Prompt Part 2 Prompt Part 3 Prompt 
✦ Event progression
In order to progress to part 2 you will need to complete part 1 AND own any cloak item, the frostfall scarf, OR complete the Dress for the Weather sidequest!
✦ Non-owners can enter!
If you do not have a browbird, kitbull, or painted satyr character you can instead use the community characters OR complete the prompts as gift art using the characters of others. You can find those open to gift art here!
✦ Winter Bonus
All winter designs available this year and those created in past years grant a bonus to anyone who includes them in a winter event prompt! The winter bonus grants +1✨ stargold per winter design included in any drawn prompt even if you don't own them. If a winter design is used as your focus character for writing, they grant +4✨ stargold instead. You can find designs with the bonus HERE!
✦ Item loot chance!
Each entry submitted to one of the main prompts has a chance to drop crafting materials, peculiars, and other items! Loot table can vary with the prompt.
✦ Crafting materials
Part 1 and Part 2 prompts will both offer a choice of crafting materials.
✦ Winter trait items
Items that grant specific traits will be given out for completing the final prompt in this event! You will be given a choice between two rare traits upon when submitting for part 3.
✦ Winter Badge
Completing your prompt entry for part 1 will grant you the event-exclusive badge to show that you participated.

Sparkle by Browbird155-image.pngSparkle by Browbird


7 by Browbird
  • ✦ Free Winter Gift ✦


    In the spirit of the season, all users can claim 1 Mysterious Gift during the event. Open the item in your inventory for +1 random giftbox and +1 token piece!

    Only one can be claimed per person.

    Claim Gift
  • ✦ Winter Gift Art Side Quest ✦


    An event-only sidequest is available! Draw winter-themed gift art to earn a Token Piece and random gift box! This sidequest can be completed once per week during the event.

    Winter Gift Art
  • ✦ The Giftbull Hunt✦

    Giftbull by Browbird

    The hunt will have multiple rounds. Please check discord for alerts on when it's about to begin!

    Round 1:
    0/10 gifts remain
    Round 2: 1/10 gifts remain
    Round 3:
    0/10 gifts remain

    A longbull has been spotted lurking around leaving sparkling boxes in its wake. These gifts are scattered all over the website and lucky players may stumble upon them in their exploration!

    The first person to find the hiding place will be rewarded with a random gift. Each gift can only be claimed from a spot by one person, once it's been found the gift is cannot be claimed again!

    You can only claim one hidden gift for the entire event, so if you get one and manage to find another feel free to share the location with others!

    Hunt Tracker
  • ✦ Event Sidequests ✦


    With the event comes new event-only sidequests that you can complete for a choice between various crafting materials.

    There's a lot of different side quests, so choose which ones that drop materials you want!
    New sidequests have been added with part 2, you must finish part 1 to do them!

  • ✦ 100% Completion Challenge ✦


    Challenge yourself to 100% the event!
    Do all of the following  to be rewarded with:
    x1 Lunar Insignia
    +1 Peculiar of your choice (rare only)

    How to 100% the event:
    ✦  Complete all main prompts available for the event (3 total)
    ✦  Complete the the winter gift art side quest at least once
    ✦  Complete 3 of the regular event side quests

    This claim can only be submited until the event ends (March 3rd, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST).

    The insignia can be used to grant the winter bonus to 1 character.
    Peculiars are used to apply a trait to a kitbull or can be used in crafting recipes.

    How to Claim

    To claim your reward please submit a claim.
    Include the following information in the claim description:
    ✦ link to all 3 approved prompt submissions
    ✦ link to winter gift art submission
    ✦ link to to 3 side quest submissions
    ✦ Chosen Peculiar: 

    You can find approved submissions here! If you click 'details' that page will be a direct link to your onsite submission. Please use onsite links to help the approval process go quickly!

    Peculiar Prize List



3 by Browbird

Crafting Banner by Browbird

Crafting has been updated with  some event-only crafting for new and rare items!
There are some special items available from crafting for the duration of this event.


If you don't yet have crafting unlocked you can unlock it by first completing all 3 crafting quests
Crafting quests will still be available after the event, but some crafting recipes exclusive to the event may be leaving shortly after the event concludes.

Crafting Quests   Crafting Station


6 by Browbird

The event merchant is now stocking winter items. Some items have returned from last year, while others are new additions.  Trait items, enchanted apparel, trinkets, and more are available. Be sure to pick up any items you want before they leave for the year!

Certain crafting materials will be available for a one time purchase during the event due to the high demand for them accross all current recipes. More materials can be earned through other means during the event such as random drops, opening gift boxes, and completing sidequests!


Note: The Runic Scope will not stock until the end of the event. It will cost 120✨  and be in limited supply when available. To get one early you will have to craft one or get lucky and find it in a gift box!

Event Merchant


4 by Browbird

You can enter for all raffles, but can only win one prize total. Raffles will be rolled after the event concludes.
The raffles will be rolled in this order, if you win you will be excluded from the next roll.
1. Painted Satyr
2. Kitbull
3. MYO Slots 
4. Ice Beast Raffle

Please remember that raffle designs are created for free to be given away for free they cannot be traded or sold if you win, they can only be gifted to another user or returned to staff to be raffled again if you decide you no longer want them! Designs made from raffled MYO slots cannot be traded or sold, but can be gifted.

Raffled characters cannot be used in prompts until they have an owner!

chestnutRaffle2 by Browbird
Kitbull Design by: Regalmanatea
This raffle is free to enter for all players!
You do not need to complete a prompt to enter!

Ticket List Enter Here



There are 2 Celestial Tickets up for grabs in our second raffle!
A Celestial ticket can be exchanged for one PRIZE MYO slot of a species of your choice. A MYO slot allows you to design a character of your own! If we get 50 or more entries to part 1 we will add on 1 more slot to the prize pool!

You will be entered for this raffle automatically upon completing prompt 1. 
If you would like to opt out please let us know!

Ticket List Go to Prompt 1


Part 2 Raffle
Three winners, each one will get a random ice beast featured in prompt 2! These are considered rare mounts due to their unique features that seperates them from the normal version of the species.

Toriana Of The Glass by Browbird Silenyx Of The Blood by Browbird
Ardabao Of The Glacier by Browbird

You will be entered for this raffle automatically upon completing prompt 2. You can gain up to 2 entries into this raffle. If you would like to opt out please let us know!

Ticket List Go to Prompt 2

Part 3 Raffle
If you won the previous Corrin-made design you cannot enter for this one.
Raffle Satyr by Browbird

Painted Satyr design by: Corrin
You will be entered for this raffle automatically upon completing prompt 3. 
If you would like to opt out please let us know!

Ticket List Go to Prompt 3

PUZZLE HAS BEEN SOLVED by Acember on 18 MAY 2022

Sparkle by Browbird

Event Credits:
Event Planning/Organization - Corrin, Ares
Scenario + Writing  - regalmanatea, Spike, Ares, Corrin
Item Art, Banners, NPC Design - Corrin
Event Management - Pep, Toy, acember, regalmanatea
Special Thanks - Newt for the gift hunt coding and bug fixes!


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