Created: 3 May 2020, 20:44:28 EDT
Last updated: 22 October 2020, 15:59:45 EDT
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You take a seat at your crafting station and get to work...

We do not yet have automated crafting and likely won't for a while. However we wanted to give users a way to use their crafting materials and to add our long awaited crafting quests!

You must have your Crafting Station unlocked before you can craft! You can do so by completing the crafting quests on at least one character.

When crafting, simply send the materials in a CLAIM!
in the URL section write "Crafting Request: [name of item]"
Include in the "comments" section:
- Name of the item(s) you want to craft
- List of materials for each item you are crafting

Set the item(s) you want to craft as the rewards.

Please remember that the method of crafting, requirements, and recipes are not set in stone and could change in the future as the game evolves! We are still working on balancing crafting.

Crafting FAQ
What is this?

This is crafting! You are able to turn materials you own into new items.

How do I unlock crafting

You must complete the crafting questline with at least one character. Doing so will give you a Crafting Station, which lets us know you're able to send crafting requests! Once you do the quests the first time, you will not need to submit any more entries to craft. 

Doing these quests is also reccomended to gain a free box of Crafting Supplies!

How do I craft?

Send in a claim. For the URL please place a single "."
In the comments section please state what you want to craft and list the items beneath it like so:

★ 1 Uncommon Trait Potion
+ 1 Bright Phosflora
+ 1 Prismatic Petals

Please do this for every item you are crafting in the case of bulk crafting submissions.
You must also add the items you are crafting to the "rewards" section.

When approved, the required materials will be removed from your inventory.

How long does it take?

Crafting is done at moderator approval. So it will not always go through right away. Be prepared to wait up to a week for your crafting to be approved.

Why was my crafting request denied?

We will let you know if there are any mistakes with your submission so always check the moderator comments. However, if you are not given any moderator comments please send in your claim again.

How does Seasonal Crafting work?

Sometimes recipes will be available only during specific events or certain times of the year. These recipes leave with the event, but any pending crafting submissions will be approved if they were sent before the item leaves the crafting page. 







+1  Glass Berry





+1 Evorantine





+1 Tiered Bulb Cake



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Sparkle by BrowbirdEvent CraftingSparkle by Browbird

The following recipes are available during the current autumn event and will be leaving when the event concludes!




+1 Treat Bag






+1 Everlit Candle







+1 Muse's Treasure



+1 Quill 'o Wisp, +1 Ardent Ash, +1 Auric Aurum, +1 Abyss Ink, +1 Mutation Crystal, +1 Starry Seawater, +1 Everglowing Ember
To craft this item you must complete the event. 



+1 Mythic Aspect Tome



+1 Quill 'o Wisp, +2 Abyss Ink, +1 Auric Aurum, +2 Enchanting Paper, +1 Prismatic Petals, +1 Wonder Wax
To craft this item you must complete the event.