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🌈 Mismatched Potion

Category: Trait Items

Rarity: ★★★

Resale Value: 8 ✨

★ Obtained from:
★ Use:
Can be used on browbirds or painted satyr.
One time use. Consumed once design is updated. 
You must go through the design change station to make the updated trait official. 

Grants one browbird or painted satyr the Mismatched Eyes rare trait. 

Trait: Allows the eyes to both have different colors and/or styles.
Size: Only affects eyes.

✅ The pupil, iris, and color can all be different, you can missmatch however you'd like!
✅ Can be applied with other eye traits to create more combinations

❌ Rare, Mythic, and Ancient eye styles are not included with this trait
❌ This trait is not required to have your character missing an eye


Rare-eyes-1 Orig by Browbird

Hetero by Browbird

An odd liquid that, rather than seperating from top to bottom in order of density, seperates to the sides in a perfect split down the middle. Drinking it is bound to have all sorts of strange effects on someone.

Uses: Allows you to add the Rare Mismatched Eyes trait to a browbird or painted satyr.


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