Created: 2 May 2020, 10:27:36 EDT
Last updated: 26 February 2021, 01:01:06 EST

Please read over everything here carefully!
If your issue is NOT covered or if our soluions do not help, please send a note to Celestial Seas, send a message in our website help channel on discord, or contact us directly through

We will add more information to this page as issues come in!

We may not be able to help with every issue and response time will vary, please be patient when contacting us.

✦ I don't have my items from my DA tracker, how do I get them?
Please go to Claims to do so.


✦ I'm having trouble with email that was sent!
  • Important: Please only sign up using a gmail or yahoo address, if you are using other email providers you may not be sent an email at all and will not be able to register.

  • Check your spam folder to see if the email has gone there

  • The email can sometimes take several minutes to several hours to arrive

  • If the email does not appear, you can try the re-send verification email option. Please try to be paitient and do not spam this feature! Sometimes it can take a while depending on your email provider and where you live.

  • If you have not gotten your email in 24 hours, you may have to try again with a different email by making a new account. Do not worry! You will not lose the username you have picked, we will be able to change it back for you later and we will remove the dead account.

  • You may have to remove the email from the spam folder or mark it as safe to use the link in the email

  • If all else fails please try copy pasting the verification link into your browser search bar


✦ My account won't link to my Deviantart
You can link your account by clicking your name in the top right corner, and clicking "settings". You should find the option there! You will also be prompted to link accounts when accessing certain areas of the website.


✦ The site navigation bar buttons aren't working for me at all, I can't see the dropdown menus.
If you are encountering this issue on desktop, it may be due to a script blocker. Try disabling your script blocker temporarily to test if that's what is causing it.


✦ I can't access the site from my browser or on my phone / the site looks really buggy.
This website is best viewed using google chrome on desktop or the google chrome browser app for your phone. It may break, cause errors, or not work at all if you use other browsers. We apologize for the inconvenience but at this time fixing this issue is of low priority.


✦ A specific trait, item, design, or piece of information is missing from the database!
If an item or design, item, or other part of the game is missing, incorrectly labeled, or if there are any spelling/grammatical errors please contact us to let us know. Keep in mind some traits or items may be under different names now, if you are having trouble finding them you can let us know!


✦ Some text or visuals look weird or incorrect.
Please provide us with a screenshot and link to the page. It may have been missed over when Corrin did the CSS since it was their first time doing website CSS. Certain issues may arise if you picked a particularly long username.


✦ Certain character images and website visuals aren't updating to their new versions!
Try pressing ctrl+f5 on the page with outdated visuals
Try right clicking the outdated image and select "view image" or "open image in new window". Once you're there, refresh the page and see if the image updates. If so, it should be updated on the pages it is displayed on as well if you refresh the page.
Try clearing your browser cache and then refreshing the page

If none of these options works, you will have to be patient and wait for it to update on its own which may take up to a few days.


✦ An image or link is broken!
If an image or link is giving you an error, please contact us with a link to the page and let us know which link or image is broken.


I think found a bug/exploit/glitch or an item/prompt not working as intended!
If you believe you have found something like this, do not share it with other users. Please contact Celestial Seas privately with all the details and we will take a look at it. Please be honest with us, if you or another user ended up with extra items, currency, rewards, ect due to an issue please let us know so we can fix the inventories affected by the issue. If it's discovered that users were using exploits or taking advantage of an exploit they will risk a ban.

Issues we are aware of

These issues have already been reported and are being investigated. It may be some time before they are fixed, so please be patient with us as we work on them!

Bugs and errors

  • Issue with long delays in verification email or no verification email at all for users with hotmail emails or who live outside of the US. No fix to this, so please refrain from using hotmail or outlook emails at this time. 
  • [❓ Investigating] Issue with certain users not being able to purchase from certain shops, while others are able to purchase from the shop
  • [❓ Investigating] Issue with users not getting notifications for incoming 1-way transfer.
  • [❓ Investigating] Issue with users not getting notification for design update rejection

Report if you encounter

  • Typo on official information
  • Missing or incorrect hyperlink on official information