INFO - Community Guidelines

Created: 2 May 2020, 10:13:53 EDT
Last updated: 16 June 2023, 03:26:56 EDT

★ Introduction ★


This page is still being worked on!
By participating in our community, you agree to follow all of these guidelines.

If someone has violated our community guidelines, please do not post about it publicly. Instead, send in a report.

Context and intent is important for investigating violations of our guidelines, each report is handled on a case by case basis and discussed by staff before taking action. When investigating a report or actions that go against our terms or guidelines, we keep the following in mind:

  • Account history
  • Severity
  • Context
  • Intent

What this entails is that if we determine something is meant to be harmful, offensive,  violates the rights of another person or entity, is exploitative of our servies, or otherwise could violate our terms of service it does not matter if it is not a specific scenario covered in these guidelines.

These rules apply in all areas directly associated with Celestial seas. This would include:
  • The official Deviantart group and admin accounts
  • The official Discord chat
  • Any artwork submitted to the group or to the website and the comments left on said artwork
  • Any links, images, writing or other content displayed on user profiles

Any other services, websites, chats, or groups claiming to be Celestial seas or related to Celestial Seas are not associated with us and we hold no responsibility for what content they may display.

Submission Rules

We do not host the images of submitted prompts on this website, but we do host links to them. When you submit your prompt entries you will have to provide us with a valid working image link.

All artwork submitted should always primarily feature Celestial Seas species! You may submit art of browbirds, kitbulls, and painted satyr. Submissions without Celestial Seas characters as the focus will be turned down. You may still include non Celestial Seas characters in your entries, but they will not be counted towards currency earnings.

Many different art types are allowed, including plushies, digital art, traditional art, 3D art, sculpture, paper crafts, writing, animation, and comics.

When submitting artwork depicting a species, they must still abide by all rules of their species. They cannot be consistently shown with traits they do not have, or drawn without key features of that species. There is wiggle room allowed for submissions, characters do not have to be 100% accurate to their masterlist art and can be adjusted and simplified.

We do not accept plagerized, traced, stolen, or heavily reference work. Only use references or textures if you know you have permission and give credit.

We do not accept NSFW, fetish, harmful, hateful, or illegal content submissions. Content cannot exceed a pg-13 age rating.

While clothing is not required for submissions, NUDITY is not permitted in any form. If a character is shown without full clothing there cannot be any nipples or genitalia shown or implied regardless of gender.

If you're unsure if something would be allowed, or if there is a submission that you feel should not be linked to from the site, please contact us. Do NOT comment on the submission or harass the artist.

Staff always has final say on what will be approved or denied and we reserve the right to deny something for any reason and without application. However we will try to give an explanation to why something was denied when applicable!

★ Conduct ★


✦ Be polite, kind, and respect to all users and the Celestial Seas staff.

✦ Do not beg, guilt, or harass people to try and gain characters, items, currency, or commissions.

✦ Attempting to lie or cheat items out of other users or staff will see your account banned.

✦ When creating works using characters that do not belong to you, please be sure you have permission to use those characters.

✦ If you have an issue with content submitted to the group or a design someone has posted, please note the group directly.

✦ If you have issue with mod behavior please contact an admin directly.

The following would violate our guidelines if it were to be submitted to, posted to, promoted, or linked to in any of our public community spaces:
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism
  • Real world threats of violence or death to another user, a staff member, an individual, entity, or group. 
  • Posting or linking to real world personal information about another user, a staff member, an individual, entity, or group.
  • Write, post, or link to any content that is hateful or discriminatory to others
  • Writing, posting, or linking to any content that depicts or promotes genocide, facism, or nazis
  • Content that is created or posted with the intent of harassing, abusing, upsetting, shaming or "getting a rise" out of someone.
  • Anything pornographic in nature, explicity depictions or reference to sex, fetish, and "NSFW" content.
  • References to or depictions of sexual violence
  • References to or depictions of slavery or human trafficking
  • Excessive violence or gore and references to real life atrocities
  • References to or depictions of  child abuse
  • Directly encouraging the use of drugs, alchohol, or smoking - References to these things are OK. For drug use it shouldn't be anything illegal in real life. Fake fantasy drugs are okay as long as they are not directly referencing a real life illegal drug.
  • Mini modding
  • Misinformation about or Celestial Seas or its staff
  • Malicious reporting 
  • Posting or linking to a blacklist
  • Anything illegal
  • Posting or linking "callout" posts
  • Content that is extremely negative or depricative towards another user, staff member, individual, entity, or group. Our community is not your place to vent.
  • Submitting or linking to nudity - If a character is shown without full clothing there cannot be any nipples or genitalia shown or implied regardless of gender. 
  • Encouraging any other user to do anything on this list.
In regards to callout posts,

if you feel an individual is someone that staff should be aware of due to the fact that they could bring harm to our services or users, please first contact staff privately with all available information. In the event that we are contacted with information on an individual, it will be kept private and be dealt with accordingly, however, Celestial Seas staff is not obligated to follow through on any claims against another user unless they are directly breaking rules laid out by staff.

In regards to the creation of NSFW and gore artwork,

we cannot control what our users produce in their other online spaces and it's none of our business. It only becomes our business if you are submitting it, posting it in our public community spaces, posting links with easy access to it, or posting it without proper filters.

If you feel a rule is being broken by another user, please do not engage with them and instead contact Celestial seas first so we can review the case and see if any action should be taken.

Any kind of harassment or rude behavior towards staff or other members will not tolerated. Repeatedly having poor behavior after being warned will result in you being banned from our community. 


For minor offenses we will let the offending user know that it is behavior that goes against the rules. If the rule breaking behavior continues after our warning, we warn the offending user know in a direct message that the behavior should stop or they will be given a strike. If it continues after that point, they will be given a strike each time. When 3 strikes are reached, they will be banned.

✦ Banning

If rules are repeatedly ignored or broken the offending user risks being banned from our community, discord, or website. We take our rules very seriously, and following them is the best way to assure that the community is safe and fun for all members.

Bans are handled on a case by case bases and what each ban entails depends directly on the offense. What you are banned from will be directly related to the offense.

For some bans you may be allowed to request a repeal. However, some offenses may require an instant strike or instant ban without any room for appeal. While we may sometimes contact users before issuing a ban we are not required to. If you are banned and do not know why please contact us!

★ ARPG ★


✦ Full registration on the masterlist is required for a character to be useable in any prompts or events. If a character is not preset on the masterlist they cannot be used on this website.

✦ The creation and use of unofficial Celestial Seas characters is not supported by Celestial Seas. Please do not display unofficial characters publicly to avoid causing confusion. Attempting to use unofficial characters in community spaces or rehome these characters will result in a ban.

✦ To complete any trade you must have some site activity. You must complete at least ONE prompt of any type (including Celestial Seas creation or other small prompts) to be able to send or receive any ITEMS OR CURRENCY. This does NOT apply to character-only trades.

✦ Celestial seas items CANNOT be exchanged for anything unrelated to Celestial Seas.

✦ What counts as a "Celestial Seas" item?

  • Companion pets and mounts
  • Any items in your in game inventory, character's inventory, or in game bank
  • Any ARPG currency in your  in game bank (ex: stargold)

✦ What is OK for trades involving Celestial Seas items?

  • Gifting to another user for free
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for a Celestial Seas character
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for Celestial Seas artwork
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for other Celestial Seas items

✦ What is NOT OK for trades involving Celestial Seas items?

  • Selling your Celestial Seas items for real life currency
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for currency or items from another game or ARPG
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for real life items or vouchers
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for art that is not related to Celestial Seas
  • Trading your Celestial Seas items for a character that is not related to Celestial Seas
  • Stating that you are gifting an item and then someone else gifts you something unrelated to Celestial Seas in exchange. This would still count as a trade!

✦ Entries that break rules for the species, event, prompt, or quest will be rejected and not eligible to gain rewards. At the time of entry rejection you may be given a reason as to why, this is not meant as a personal attack against you as an artist, it is merely us upholding submission rules. If you ever require further details please contact us.

✦ For events with deadlines, any entries that miss the entry window will not count towards the prompt and cannot be submitted. These entries will not be eligible for the rewards granted by the prompt. We will not offer extensions on prompts, so do not wait until the last minute or you risk missing out.

✦ When a "bonus" stargold amount or extra item is offered for additional detailing or work on a piece, it is at the digression of the moderators whether or not a submission is valid for those rewards. Moderators have final say in what an entry would earn, and their calls are not up for debate.

✦ For the ARPG omly, all characters depicted in prompts should be shown as adults since they are designed as adults. At this time, children and teen characters cannot be used in the ARPG since they would not have all of their traits and would not align with their masterlist entry, this includes browlets, kittles, and satyr seedlings and any "child" or "teen" depictions of characters. However, for private roleplay, personal art, and certain specific "flashback" prompts you can depict them at any age.

✦ Any attempts to cheat or exploit our systems will be met with a warning or ban depending on the severity of the exploit.

This includes:
  • Using or attempting to use multiple accounts to gain more progress or rewards
  • Lying to, guilting, or harassing other users or staff to gain currency, items, or characters
  • Attempting to scam other users out of their items, currency, or characters by offering things you do not own or cannot deliver on
  • Taking advantage of any glitches, loopholes, or staff errors to gain more rewards, instead of reporting the exploit.

Always be honest with us if you come across something that does not seem like it's working as intended so we can remove the accidentally obtained items or currency. If it is discovered that you took advantage of an issue with the game for personal gain, you will be banned. Exploiting the game ruins the game for others and is stressful for the staff, so let's try to avoid it!

If you are truly unsatisfied with how a situation was handled, a specific rule, or how an entry was judged, please note the group or contact an admin on discord so we can talk it out.
Please do not guilt, pressure, or harass the team working on the ARPG. We are open to constructive feedback and suggestions as we slowly build the group, please try the Feedback + Suggestions post and leave us a comment!