Profile Browbird-600: 🧿 Blue

Owned by Corrin
Image #2723
2nd Form
Uploaded: 5 months ago
Last Edited: 5 months ago
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25 December 2022, 19:43:40 EST

Cannot be gifted
Cannot be traded
Cannot be sold
Sale Value

Aspect Weapon: Blade of Hero's Sacrifice

When this sword cuts through the air, it slices into the fabric of reality itself, carving out a temporary gate for a few seconds. All who pass through are taken to an illusion of a single specific place that holds the most personal significance to this browbird (positive or negative). It resembles their memory of the location but has a dreamlike atmosphere and is hazy or distorted in any areas the wielder does not recall. If the sword is used again it can be used to exit anywhere the wielder is familiar with as long as nothing is obstructing the exit area. This space is not a pocket dimension and when the wielder of the aspect weapon leaves everyone and everything brought into it is also kicked back out.

Visual effect: Its flames reflect a sparkling sunset sky.


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