Satyr Trait Update!

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Rare Patches3 by Browbird
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★ Painted Satyr Patch Changes 

Patch info is now fully up to date! Please read it over before submitting new designs or updates.
Visual examples have been added for all patch traits. You are not necessarily limited to the examples but they are a good guideline of what's possible within each rarity.
Written information now finalized! Descriptions for all common, uncommon, and rare patches have been completely filled out.
Previously the following features were addons, not separate traits (and still are):

Asymmetrical Patches (Uncommon) --> Allowed uncommon+ patches to be asymmetrical
Flashy Patches (Uncommon) --> Allowed colors to be randomly placed + small patterns
Odd Patches (Rare) --> Allowed the stripes to be shaped differently
Elaborate Patches (Rare) --> Allowed the edges of patches to be more complicated

These stacked with patches of the same or higher rarity and thus could/can be added with a change ticket (or for free on a MYO) if those requirements were met. Their separate listings were removed and merged with the patch traits to make things more condensed and easier to understand! This merge by itself DOES NOT result in the loss of any rarity and is only for convenience! Your patch trait will still take on the rarity of whatever their rarest feature is. Basically, consider them working very similar to crest effects on browbirds!

★ Patch placements have been changed to coverage
This is the main change. You can now place patches anywhere on the main body rather than being restricted to certain spots! Patches now work based on how much of the character is covered, with less coverage being more common, and greater coverage being rarer. The only specific placements that are rare are the nose, cheeks, tongue, and ears.


Help and Questions

★ My character does not have the correct trait listed now, how do I update it?
Please send in a design update with the correct trait listed. Include in the comments what you are changing and the reason! (Such as "Updating rare patches to common in line with the new trait update"). This does not cost any items or currency.

★ This update dropped my character's patch rarity!
We are aware this may be the case for some designs. If your character's patch trait as dropped in rarity they will be given 1 credit for the lost trait. This "credit" will be added to the description and will allow you to apply a new trait. The new trait does not have to be applied to the patches. 

★ This update increased character's patch rarity!
This means you got a free upgrade! :-D

★ In the past I had rare patches but used an item to apply asymmetrical, flashy, odd, or elaborate patches without realizing I could apply it for free...  What do I do?
If you had this happen please contact us and briefly explain your situation with clear proof of the item used and approval using an onsite link. There is a possibility may be eligible for a credit as well if we determine you were incorrectly approved. You can find your update approvals here! This is only an option for updates made AFTER the website move!

★ Does the trait credit ever expire? 

★ Does the credit persist even if I transfer the design to someone else?

★ Can I use the credit on a different character?

★ An old/outdated version of the design may be eligible for the credit, but the current official design is not. Can I revert the design to get the credit?
No. This only applies to current designs.

★ How do I apply the trait credit?
Send in a design update with your new design when you want to use it. Please be sure to clearly mention in the comments section that you are using the credit.

★ I'm not sure if my character is affected by these changes, can I check before sending an update?
Yes that is fine!

★ I have a different trait unrelated to this update that I think I should get a credit for, can I send that in too?
Not at this time.

Please send in all trait updates before November 25th 2020 at 11:59 EST (site time) to receive your trait credit if applicable! (As long as it is time stamped before that time you're fine) After this date we will gradually update designs regardless of if we were sent an update and the credit option for these traits will no longer be available.

Please be patient while your design is reviewed. Staff has final say in all updates. You are not always guaranteed a trait credit! Please respect staff decisions. 



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