Kitbull-162: Madi

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31 October 2023, 09:29:37 EDT

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ANOMALY: Gorgon's Curse

KITBULL - REQUIRES: Alter Fruit - Ecosystem

There are far-off ruins said to be filled with unimaginable riches, but steeped in a deadly curse by the monster that dwells there. It was thought to have been a myth, but the adventurers who return empty handed tell stories of a piercing gaze baring down on them, a low hiss from the shadows, and entire chambers filled with hauntingly life-like stone statues.

✦ The ecosystem trait presents as 1-12 snakes that grow from the head like hair. This trait can partially or fully replace the hair and the individual snakes can be long enough to drag the ground.
✦ Snakes are smooth or covered in scales, and can optionally have eyes and fangs.
✦ Can be any type of snake and pattern, and can optionally be venemous
✦ The snakes are alive and can move and interact with each other and the kitbull.
✦ Works the same as the normal ecosystem trait otherwise!